Monday, December 2, 2013


so last week was pretty alright and good! haha not to much to report on.   
It's getting colder! I went on exchanges with the Osoyoos Sisters and it started to snow a titch! it was hardly anything though, so no big deal.  I'm going on exchanges with the Westbank Sisters tomorrow and I just love exchanges! It's like a vacation from your own area for a day and you get to see new things! That is one plus about my district being so spread out! So we had a Relief Society Dinner on Thanksgiving and it was good.  Not as Tasty as Mom's food, but what can you do?

Man I am so sleep deprived. haha. like I am just drained all the time! Bedtime is really the only time I can stop and think so than I just can't shut my mind off! It's cuz I make A TON of phone calls at night and I am just rushing before bed! Light's are out by 10:30, but often times I'm on the phone clear up till 10:15-20! So that is my goal this week.  To be done with phone calls and paper work by 10:00 and than that'll give me time to get ready for bed and write in my Journal.  Usually I can't sleep cuz I'm just trying to remember everything.  I never have time to write things down until the next day! Anyways.. sorry I went off on that!
My District. Left to right.. Sisters Larsen, Holm, Allen, Me, Peterson, Galbraith, Byam, Willmore

Um I love my Christmas CD's you sent me! I listen to them non-Stop.  I love the version of Silent Night, I got! I listen to it over, and over, and over. I'll never sing that song the old way again! 

SO last week we had a zone meeting (which is the exact same as our weekly district meetings but with the elders too and I don't have to prepare any trainings) we talked a lot about how serving a mission is not a sacrifice, but rather a privilege.  I thought about that after and ya know.. Jesus Christ's Sacrifice was NOT his mission.  He loved his mission!  He loved serving others!  He loved teaching others his doctrine!  He loved everything about his earthly ministry!  His Sacrifice was when he took upon him all the pains and sufferings of the world and died for us.  Yes he had sacrifices on his mission such as fasting 40 days and 40 nights and being tempted and hated among other things, but he endured.  I want to serve my mission like the Savior.  I feel so honored and humbled that I represent Jesus Christ. Yes, I have sacrifices on my mission such as not being with my family or listening to my favorite music or hanging out with Tara or eating food with real flavor haha or sleeping well or getting my hair done or not watching movies or sacrificing my sanity and so on, but it is all a privilege! It's all worth it! I mean.. it's the very least I could do to even try and repay a fraction of what the Lord has done for me. I don't feel like my mission is a sacrifice because I don't even feel like it's enough!  I love my Savior Jesus Christ with everything I have.  So I want to serve him with everything I've got! He is my light.  He is my rock.  He is my redeemer and my salvation and it's only because of him that I am even here.  I had a companion tell me once that I try too hard to be perfect and I got really mad.  To me it's like this... Why would I come out here and not try my very best to be the best missionary I can be for God?  This is my 10% to the Lord and why short change him?  If you are coming out to just have a good experience and see what's out there, than you are basically serving in vain. Or so the prophets in Preach my Gospel say.  Nobody is perfect.  That just a fact of life.  I am not aiming to be perfect because when you shoot for perfection than you better brace yourself for the fall cuz it's impossible to score.  BUT you can try your very hardest to work as hard as you can and be the best that you can be! The Lord than makes up the difference! You can have confidence in the fact that you gave it your all and you did all you can do! You won't be discouraged in yourself because you will know that you did all you could.  And when all is said and done, the Lord in his Grace and his Mercy pours out his blessings upon you and there you stand in the front row privileged enough to watch his mighty miracles.  I know that I am hard on myself most of the time and I know that I try to be an over achiever and I am working on not disciplining myself so much. I have weaknesses, but through the Lord I know they can be my strengths.  I am grateful for the trails and weaknesses I have in my life.  I am grateful to be here serving a mission for the Lord.  I know it is a privilege and I love all of you for supporting me.  I know that the things I testify of to complete strangers day after day are true.  I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth through Living Day Prophets and I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God.  I know that small and simple things bring great things to pass.  I know that we all have to be strong and of good courage. I know that families are forever. I know that we must keep calm and carry on. I know that prayer is powerful.  I know that we can get five stars in life.  I know that 1-10-15 & 3-2-1 will change us for the better.  I know that I am a daughter of God. I know that we all need to WORK iT! Most importantly, I know that My Redeemer Lives! and Long Live his sacrifice for us.  I Love you all very very much! Thank you for everything! Have a great week and remember to be happy! :)

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