Monday, December 16, 2013

Week of Miracles

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY MISS MOLLIE MAE!!!!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! can you even believe it?! geezz you are old.  Can't believe my little girl can date and drive! Ahhh :] 

Well, This past week was just full of so many miracles and tender mercies! like I can't even tell ya! We were so blessed! One of the greatest weeks yet.. I got my Christmas package! no worries, I won't open it till Christmas! thanks for sending me one though! :) I went to buy you all a little something somethin' and my card was declined. ha. acko taco. moral of the story is I have no money so all you will be getting from me is a phone call! Which I explained to Dad that I can only talk for 30 to 40 minutes and We have to figure out what Spencer is doing and if you want me to call at the same time as him! Just let me know! Remember that I talk a lot.
Oh I got some cards in the mail! YaY! THANKS! if you are sending me a card everyday then that is wild.  I have two so far. hey thanks:)

anyway.. This week I got to go on exchanges to Kelowna YSA with my Sissy Willmore!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh! reunited at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Felt like we were in the MTC again! :) So I just gotta say that I love Kelowna so much.  It's huge and Downtown reminds me of Park City.  So We were walking around talking to everyone we saw and handing out cards and then we ran into Ryan and Krista.  They were sitting by the water so we sat down by them and started talking!  We were telling them who God was and that he had this plan for us.. Turns out that Ryan was dating Krista's brother and wanted to know what we thought about that! Sister Willmore just kinda stopped talking and it got awkward.  I mean we get asked that all the time, but they REALLY wanted to know and they were persistent.  We explained that God loves all his children and that we believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman and testified of the importance of families. During this, Ryan put this panda hat on and I was just thinkin.. yep it's all coming together..
Mike, Sydney, Me, Sis Willmore

haha anyway we had a lesson to get to at the Library a couple blocks away and they were cold and wanted go inside someplace so they started walking with us and we continued to talk to them about the church and what not.  Meanwhile, Sis Willmore was all hesitant about talking with them and it's her area so I was kinda letting her lead out ya know and I didn't know what to do besides just teach them. haha so we get to the Library and instead of going inside, Ryan just like walks the other way and just starts taking off his jacket! I was like, I thought he was cold? what is he doing? SO WEiRD! Then he turns around to face us and he has a missionary tag on! WHATT!?!?!?!?!?! I was like huh?! at first I was so confused! I was like wait is he a missionary?! wait why is he with her? wait where is his companion!? oh my gosh did they clear this!? he can't be alone with her?! WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?! turns out ryan and krista are actually Mike who is a recent convert and Sydney who was the investigator we were meeting with! I WAS PUNKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha you had to be there but it was soooooo funny.  they said I looked like a ghost.  they thought I'd scream, but I was just like so confused. hahaha that is why sis Willmore was actin not her self.  I wouldn't of known something was up if she hadn't been acting different. The whole time I was like, we can help them overcome this sin! We got this! I believe in miracles!  oh for your info, mike is not gay.  haha anyway it was so funny! GOOD TIMES! 

haha for our workout we went to the gym at the church and I played basketball it was fun.  I wish we could do that in Penticton but the church is too far away! Ya know... it doesn't really shake me when people reject us or tell us no or get really mad.  Like I'm totally fine.  I don't know if it means I just don't have a heart, but I just know and hope that the next person we talk to will be open to hearing more.  It's just like the wheat and the tares.  You gotta assume that everyone can become a new investigator though.
So tonight are transfer calls.  Transfers are a week early cuz of Christmas so next transfer is 7 weeks long.  I'm staying. no doubt.  Sister Allen might get transferred cuz she has been here and only here five months but I can picture her staying more likely than not.  Our district is probably going to get split for sure. that's my guess. I'll probably just be over YSA! who knows, maybe I will leave but I highly doubt it. I'd be shocked.  We are starting to get in the grove of things here and build up our teaching pool.  plus transfers wipes out like three days so we would have to do damage control. just saying.  

Creche week was incredible.  I don't have time to tell you all about it, but the miracles are unreal. 

Pray that Tania will get work off on Sundays. I'll tell you about her soon if all goes well.  She is basically amazing and has a bright future ahead.  Don't want to tell ya all about her and get my hopes up ya know? I have faith though! I'll tell ya her story next week maybe.

Well I love you all! Be strong and of good courage! WORK iT like you have never worked it before! remember the small and simple things! 1-10-15 & 3-2-1 keep calm and preach the gospel. five stars.  LONG LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! 
God be with you till we talk next week! :)

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