Monday, March 25, 2013

I Love the Gospel!

HEY! hi. HELLO! 
haha SOOOO I just read all your emails from this week and when I'm done writing you, I read all you emails from last week because I have some more time! See the computer kicks you off after an hour sooo you have to go get someone to let you on for another hour! I have five minutes left of this hour and sometimes I am worried that they won't let us go back on for another hour because others may need the computers too! so just in case, I'll send this little message so you know I am here! and then I will write you a longer one in a few minutes after I have more time! Does that make sense? ok cool.
                   An Hour Later..... :)

Hi! Ok so this has been a crazy crazy week!  We had zone conference which was absolutely incredibly amazing and wonderful and beautiful and magical and I loved it SO SO SO much! President Tilleman is such an inspiring man.  Everything he says and does is totally led by the spirit and it is so cool to witness.  After conference, Sister Arbon and I both got to have interviews with him! My interview was about 45 minutes long which is really rare! Everyone else's was like tenish minutes max!  ha The Lord just had a lot he wanted to chat with me about I guess! So far, that interview has been my favorite thing in Canada.  It was so powerful and strong and I felt the love of the Savior fill the room.  It was really comforting and powerful! No worries though, I didn't have this long interview because I am sad or anything! ha NO! it was because in my prayers I'm always askin all these questions and telling Him about all this stuff so He used President Tilleman to answer them cuz I think sending an angel might have been over doing it a little!

haha alright so to answer some questions.  Yes, it rains here everyday, but we have been fortunate enough to have sun every time we go out to walk! Dad, the places aren't that posh! it's just like Utah. Think about where the Ogden Temple is ya know?? umm...  My shoes. alright, well I love my shoes soooooo much! they are so comfortable and great! sadly, I have to pull the leather strap clear over or else they won't stay on cuz my stupid feet are to narrow. This caused a rip so hopefully they don't fall apart.  I think I'll just have someone in the ward sew it!

So I hope you guys are taking care of the missionaries in North Ogden the way I am being taken care of! like for real.  You better be feeding them and giving them rides and making sure they have everything they need and give them cute hand outs and help them to have member present lessons! They are serving the Lord so they need to be in good condition! ha I am gonna be crazy annoying when I grow up because I'll always be calling the missionaries and making sure they're doing good! 

alright sooo, Wednesday I am going on exchanges so I am really really excited about that! I'll stay here and Sister Arbon will go to a different area! also, Friday we are getting a mini missionary.  This is a young woman who is thinking about serving a mission. She is going to stay with us for the weekend so that will be fun! 

We had our first investigator last week and I invited her to be baptized and everything and later in the week she called and said she wanted nothing to do with us because her bible study group said we were a cult. ahhh. It was a bummer, but we still love her! We can't dwell on it! I just pray that one day she will come to know the truth! 

I'm so jealous that Spencer is in Disneyland! I am definitely planning a trip for when I get home! get ready Tara! Save up! it's a happening.

I always forget what I've already told you from the week prior.  hmm well this week was all about the Atonement for me.  I learned a lot about it and I just walk around here wonder struck wondering why in the world I am so lucky! I mean I have the best family ever.  I love you guys so much! I talk about you every dinner apt. and I never get sick of it. You all give me so much strength.  I was so blessed to grow up where I did and be surrounded by the people I was. Sundays make me think about home a lot.  We have the strongest ward ever.  We are so lucky to be able to know all about the basics of the gospel and how to function at chuch.  We do it right.  Yesterday we spent sometime talking to the Young Women's president and the entire time, I was just bragging about my young women and how we do it in the first ward! :) ha seriously.  I just went off on my testimony and love for the program. 

Kay so today we were driven to the store by this cute lady and her three little kids that are in our ward and one of them (the three year old) is named JOSIE! whaaaatttt??? haha so yeah.. they got to hear all about my Josie! :)  actually we had dinner with them the other day and it was so fun! I always like to ask couples how they met and it is so fun! :) we've heard some pretty funny stories! it's a good conversation starter! There was so much I was going to tell you and now I can't remember!

Oh, if and when you send me a package.. would you pretty please put my brown skirt with the teal and orange and brown swirls and flowers in it?? My girl Mollie will know which one I'm talking about! How is my Emma doing?!? I miss her laugh. That's so fun that you all got to go to St. George!!!!!

Kay I sent the Stowers' some letters, but I don't have their dang address so I sent it to our house! make sure they get them! I haven't got anything in the mail yet, but I have faith that mail will come!  Spencer send me an email or a letter. ha sorry you got your wisdom teeth out! that is no fun.

Well I gotta go, I just want you guys to know that this church is true.  Everyday I write my daily miracles down and it has helped me see that God is in the details of our lives.  I would be nothing without this gospel. It gives me strength everyday and it helps me become a better person! I already am forever changed because of my mission! I'm so happy to be here.  I love knowing that I am a Daughter of God.  I know that he is watching over me.  I feel his love everyday and I know that I am choosing the right.  Being a missionary is such an honor.  You all give me so much strength.  I feel your support and love and it pushes me to be the best I can be! I couldn't do this without any of you! watch for each other and follow Jesus Christ.  It is because of him that we can be forgiven of all our sins and imperfections!

ALRIGHT I REALLY HAVE TO GO! haha I love you all. every single one of ya. say hi to the ward for me.  Tell Kylinn that there is a young woman here who reminds me so much of her! I miss seeing her and all my young women.  Young Women's is where it's at.  kay don't forget that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! also, 1-10-15! If you really strive to do this everyday, I promise you your lives will change for the better and you will be blessed!
alright WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! five stars! :] Mollie's a babe.
LOVE SISTER JAYNANNE PETERSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!! WHAT'S UP?!?!?!?
Alright so remember last week when I said I have more time to email? what a joke! I only have about fifteen minutes left.  We have to write our mission president every week so that takes time, and than you guys write so dang much! haha I love it, but I don't have time to read it all and it cost money and takes to much time to print unfortunately! I always forget what I've already told ya'll so sorry if I repeat myself! 
First off, I miss you guys SO much! I think about you everyday! Every night when we go over to someones house for dinner, I'm reminded of mom's cooking and how much I love it! I tell EVERYONE that my mom is the best cook in the world! :) I try not to brag, but I can't help myself.  The food here is pretty good, but no worries I am not going to get fat because I would rage! We never snack or anything and I take small portions.  This one lady fed us so much though like 5 courses! She is Tongan and cooked more than we do for Sunday dinner! I still had some cake left on my dessert plate and she cleared everyone's plate, but mine and told me that I had to finish! than they all just stared at me. I was dying. haha but I took it like a champ and did jumping jacks when I got home!
I didn't get to read to much of your guys emails, but it sounds like you guys are doing pretty well! Last week I took a picture of Mollie's and Brooke's So I could write them by hand! I'd do that this time, but I forgot my camera! Tara and Mollie better get a letter from me in the mail soon! YAY! We email from the Library and we can't upload pictures on these computers, unfortunately! Sad day:(  BUT! I will try to mail some! Mollie I forgot to put in your letter to add The Spectactular music and like Newsies! don't worry, it'll make sense! 
SO this week was crazy.  On Wednesday I think, we got in a mini car accident! NO BIG DEAL! we're fine! Psh I mean we are missionaries duh so we are always ALWAYS protected by angels! But yeah.. I'm not aloud to drive until I've been here for 90 days so Sister Arbon was driving and we were at a light and when it turned green, she pressed the gas too hard and ran into the motorcycle in front of us! ahhhh!. At first he was screaming and swearing, but after he realized who we were, HE WAS SO SO NICE! haha poor guy just barely pulled off the lot after buying his motorcycle less than ten minutes before! I am pleased to say that I took control of the situation BEAUTIFULLY! ha it was my first crash ever in my whole life and you best believe I was going to stay strong! Sister Arbon was a wreck.. haha get it? no jk, she was really shaken up and hysterical! I felt bad.  I handled the whole information/insurance exchange with grace! I took pictures, made friends with the firefighters and cops and it was actually pretty fun! Besides the fact that it was pouring rain and I got drenched and we missed our dinner apt! After we got the man's info, we sent it to the missionaries in his area so he should be getting a visit soon! haha sneaky sneaky. Maybe we really were meant to run into him! ..just not the way we did! :) In the end, we gave everyone on the scene a card so that was pretty funny! haha Now starting today as punishment, we are not aloud to drive our car for two weeks.  So we will be walking a lot and getting members to come with us to appointments so they can drive! haha we are aloud to drive to church and that is it! Our Chevy Cruz just has a little bit of damage! no big deal.  So yeah that was wild.  
I have to go, but I want you guys to know that I am doing really well! I love being a missionary.  I've got the power.. ah ah ah stayin' alive stayin' alive.. haha it's the power of the Holy Ghost that I'm speaking of duh! haha Oh yeah dad, we have district meeting once a week, but this week we have a zone conference instead! I'm excited! I get to have an interview with President Tilleman! SUCH AN AMAZING MAN! love him.  Our district is a sister district of six! ok I really gotta go! I love you all and remember that you can feel the spirit everyday if you want too! :) :) :) :) CHOOSE THE RIGHT! Remember that we are all royalty! I LOVVEEEEE IT! :) gosh dang it this church is true. 
WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you people with all my heart! Remember who you are and what you stand for! we are examples to everyone.  KAY! MISS YA LOVE YA GLAD I HAVE YA! Love the only Jaynanne in the whole wide world!!!! :) :) :) :) XOXOXOXOXO

Monday, March 11, 2013


wanna know something? I'm in CANADA! wha-what?! it's pretty much the best ever.  Ha so I last week we just got word from the first presidency that we can now emial not just family, but also friends and we can do it for two hours! that makes me so happy! BUT i just spent over an hour reading all the emails so my responses might be real short.  I'd really appreciate letters too because letters are just the best! :) plus I got a cute folder to put them in so..! OH. MY. HECK. SPENCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so  so so so so so so proud of you.  I can't believe you got called to Czech Republic/Slovack! WHAT? you're making me get all emotional.  I'm just so proud of you and I love you so much.  You are such a great example to me and You make me want to be a better missionary out here! It's a lot of hard work so get ready! You're a great little brother Spenc and I'm blessed to have you in my family. That's insane. My district family wanted to know where you were going so i'll have to email them! :) way to be.  Alright well My new companion's name is Sister Arbon! She's Basically from Salt Lake City and she goes to the U so that right there tell's ya how great she is! ha She has been on her mission for nine months, serving on the island for the whole time.  So we both got put into a BRAND NEW area.  It's called Brookswood.  We got a brand new empty apartment so the first night we had to sleep on the ground! but it's all good because now we have beds! :) slowly but surely they are bringing us furniture! So we really are working from the ground up.  Because it is a new area, we have no investigators or anything. So we have had to do lots of tracting trying to find people.  Lucky for us, our ward is AMAZING! like you don't even understand.  They are all about the missionary work here.  They haven't had sister missionaries in this area in over 20 plus years so they have anxiously been waiting for our arrival.  They really want to take care of us.  For example, every Sunday we will give them a grocery list of like bread, eggs, milk, etc., and than they have members buy it for us and give it to us the next week! how incredibly sweet is that?! they don't even need to because we can buy our own! so nice.  Also, we have dinner plans with a family every night for the rest of the month! last Friday was the only day we made our own dinner because they had a fireside that night. How amazing right? I still can not even believe it. All the ward talks about is missionary work. Our bishop is Bishop Towns. Him and everyone else in the ward are mostly all converts and it's so cool to see how passionate they are about the work.  They realize the importance of it.  Our church building is in the same parking lot as the TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's completly wild.

Our mission is SO huge! it's about the size of Texas and a half! So the fact that we are where the temple is at.. well it's pretty cool! :) my four Canadians from my MTC district are all spread out! the closest I am to one of them is like four hours away! Sister Kindlespire had to take a plane to her area! that's crazy! ha Brookswood is about 45 minutes away from the mission home! Our ward boundaries go right against the U.S. border, but ward boundaries here are a lot bigger.  Our ward is split in half between us and two elders! So they take  the lower half by the border.  So anyway I'm excited to be in this ward.  There is a lot of potential here.  Sunday was ward conference and the Stake President reminded everyone that he challenged them to all come up with one refferal for the missionaries by April. So they really want to help us bring others unto christ! :) That's pretty crazy.  I'm so blessed to have their support and love.  I have a pretty bad cold right now so on Sunday when I met everyone, I was all stuffed up and sneezy! ha they were all concerned! Passing me tissues and what not! ha I love being a missionary.  Wearing Christ name on me is an honor.  I don't ever want to let him down or disgrace his name! I'm representin yo.  I love Jesus Christ and I want others to love him and know what's he's done for us.  It's because of him that we're all here.  He is the light of our lives.  He has given us so much and we owe it to him to do what is right.  Not an hour goes by that I don't chat with him.  He is the ULTIMATE listener and comforter. I wouldn't be able to do this without the spirit.  It's not about me out here.  It's about our savior.  We are just instruments in his hands. Conversion happens through the Spirit.  I love the Spirit! :) like you don't even know.  Ha well I loved talking to you all at the airport! that seems like forever ago.  I really am so blessed to have the family I have.  Us Petersen's know what's up.  Please tell the ward hi for me! I miss them all like crazy.  On Sunday they asked me to share my testimony in front of the youth and all I could think about was our youth! So I bore my testimony to the first ward. Dad I loved all your emails! they were great. Your Ballard story is fantastic.  haha Same with the Savior and the older Ballard.  I could feel the power while I read it.  I am going to try and read your talk, but I might not have time today! we'll see! I'm sure it's amazing.  I wish I could talk to you all more! there is just so much I feel and have to say! I really just need a good hour each night to talk to Mollie and Tara! ha I miss them so much. They are some of the best people I know. I think about them every single day.  Well I have to go now.  Thank you for supporting me! I feel the love and It strengthens me so much.  Keep it classy everyone and remember 1-10-15 because by small and simple things are GREAT things brought to pass! I believe that with all my heart! Tell everyone I love them! WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! five stars!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! :]  LOVE, ME! JAYNANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
p.s. The church is true. Amen.

Friday, March 8, 2013

She MaDE IT!!

March 8, 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Petersen,

Attached is a picture of your wonderful missionary with President and Sister Tilleman at their recent arrival in the Canada Vancouver Mission. They have been assigned to a new companion and new area. Monday is Preparation Day when they will email you their new address. Emailing your missionary is the most effective way of consistent communication with your missionary in Canada.

Elder and Sister Harding
Canada Vancouver Mission Office