Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Workin IT up in BC

our p-day got switched to today because 
WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh. it was amazing! I was so so so so so so so so so so so so excited! So now I only got ten mintues cuz we have lots to do today! I'll print your lovely emails off.  

alright so first off, mom there are so many good missionary scriptures. pretty much everyday I find a new one, but you can use Joshua 1:9! CLASSIC.  TARA SLACK I GOT YOUR LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! basically the best thing I ever read. besides the good book of the Lord of course! ;) so I sent you one on Tuesday and than I got yours Wednesday! BOY DO I HAVE QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/CONCERNS FOR YOU! haha ummmm.... HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY ABBIE! that is weird.

Sister Byam just turned 23 and Sister Duffy is going to turn 25 in a couple weeks! Byam is from Alberta and Duffy is from Arizona. So, on Thursday President Tilleman called a lower Mainland Conference which will be good! I'm kinda nervous.  We have to fast and I guess it is very serious! so we will see how that goes!

I'm not too sick anymore! basically all better so no worries.  I had to call the nurse lady for our mission.  I really didn't want to because I thought I was fine, but she has helped me so much! Her Name is Sister Hogg and she is an older sister who works in the office with her Husband.  She has helped me so much emotionally.  I've had about 3 twenty minute phone calls with her in the last week and she is great.  She just reminds me that I don't have to be perfect and that God loves me..Jaynanne!  She has given me a lot of helpful tips and I have been feeling a ton better.  I am trying not to be so hard on myself.  So yeah.. Pray for her because she has helped me out and prayed for me! I'm glad I am able to talk to someone every now and then! so refreshing.

So last week I read the "forget me not" talk and it was so good.  TELL MY YOUNG WOMEN TO READ IT!!!!! it is an amazing talk.  Alright, So I was thinking and I think you should write down questions you have for me for mothers day when I talk to you. I'll only have at most and Hour to talk.  It'll be a phone call and I'm not sure what time.  I'm really looking forward to it though!!!! AHHH! can't wait! I'll give you more details next week.

So being in a trio is so great! I love it! I love Trios! It has it's challenges too, but for the most part, we Work iT.  I am the only missionary I know that writes in my journal every night so that has been a struggle since day one on the missh.  Others just don't make it a priority because they don't do it! I try very hard though and so far so good.  When I don't write I get stressed more easily.  We have been working really hard at finding new investigators here in Langley.  We keep finding potentials but then they are for the YSA! so we give them to those missionaries! ahhh crazy. well This week I know we are going to get some.  I believe we can do it.  Obedience brings blessings, EXACT Obedience brings miracles and you best believe I obey with exactness!

alright well I got to go! I love ya aLL like crazy and I am thankful for you and your prayers!
The temple today just made me think of family! What a great family we have.  I love North Ogden! OHHHHHHH! so one of the temple workers grew up in N.O! her mom is quinnith Christensen in the 3rd ward! very cool!  
alright the church is true! SO TRUE IT HURTS! I am grateful for Our Savior Jesus Christ and I KNOW with all my heart, might, mind and strength that HE LIVES.  The Atonement is incredible and everyday I am reminded of just how great it is.  I am so happy to be a missionary.  It is hard.  I am tired. BUT, I wouldn't have it any other way. I know the Lord is pleased with me and I know that my efforts are not wasted.  I just need to learn to be pleased with myself.  Something Sister Hogg said is that we will never be perfect no matter how hard we try.  Not even the Prophet.  So I need to lighten up and just try my best to be the best I can be and that is good enough!!!!! I love you all! WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! five stars! 1-10-15! The church rules.  By small and simple things are great things brought to pass! BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forget me not.
LOVE SISTER JAYNANNE PETERSEN!! THE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Hi Family!

So much to say this week! alright where to begin.. Probably the Start! first off, We had transfers on Thursday and I am still in Brookswood and I'm still in a tri, but it is now with Sister Duffy who has been out 16 months, and Sister Byam who has been out 6 months and than there is me who has been out 6 weeks! so yeah! pretty crazy. So God gave me a tender mercy!!!!!!!!! Sister Willmore and her comp got to stay with us Wednesday and Thursday night!!!!!!! It was so great to see her! I missed her more than words can describe.  She is one of my bestest friends and I probably wouldn't have been able to do this if it weren't for her.  Please pray for her.  She has helped me out so much! She deserves all the blessings in the world.  So Thursday and Friday were rough.  I have been feeling very very very very homesick.  It's bad.  I thought I was all strong and whatever and then after the training/transfers, I felt shattered Seeing my MTC family at the training on Thursday really messed me up.  They all wanted to know how I was doing and what has been going on and I just felt so overwhelmed with love.  I realized that I have been so bottled up with emotions.  I have just been putting on this brave face for everyone and I just want to vent now.  I want to talk to people who understand me.  I miss just being Jaynanne.  I feel like I have been neglecting myself and my feelings because you are told as a missionary that's it's not about you, it's about others. So if I even start to think about myself, then I just feel so guilty.  I mean don't get me wrong, the Lord has been there for me 100%! I mean I vent to him all the time about everything.  But I miss my family and my Tara and my ward.  So yeah. Before Sister Willmore left, she put a note in my binder that I later found.. it was such a good note.  Everything she said in it is EXACTLY what Tara would have said if she were here.  All I wanted to do was go in the other room with her and talk it all out.  But we couldn't.  Now I am with new companions..again. Sister Willmore thinks I've lost some weight.. ha not to worry! I look the same! ha.  So every week I get a letter in the Mail from the most amazing person ever and these letters have given me so much strength.  On Friday I got a letter that should have taken five more days to get here cuz of the date on it.  Well it was a miracle.  It helped me so much.  It was all about being strong and putting on the armor of God and having faith.  How ironic I got it the day I did. Anyway, I just got to push through and try my hardest to bring others unto Christ.  Singing Hymns make me SO emotional. I pretty much cry every time we sing because something always sticks out for me! it's a joke!
Oh so did you hear that letter about kids bearing their testimonies?? interesting! anywho..how is everyone doing?! good I hope! We had a Luau in Langley on Saturday! Our ward mission leader put it all together! It was based off this Luau they did on the show, The District! you should check it out! anyway, this ward is all about missionary work! it's pretty legit! It was such a good night! as missionaries, we gave a tour of the church building and it was really fun! I got to be companions with just a lady in our ward and it was like I was Jaynanne again! it was nice:) anyway the spirit was so strong! I loved it! I love feeling the spirit all the time! It's the best! You just feel exhausted though because it wears ya out! Let me tell you what! So I don't have much to report on! We are just trying to find a new investigator! We knock on doors a lot and do lots of contacting that way! I love bearing my testimony.

I have been sick.  I have a runny nose and sore throat and headache! I think it is just cuz I was so emotional this weekend so now I'm sick! dang stress! Anyway, I love being able to email and talk to you guys! I am going to print off all your emails right now so I have to go!

I love you all! thank you for the prayers and support! it really has made the biggest difference! you don't even know.  I can feel the power you are WILLING to me! Alright well I once again gotta go! Can you believe that I've been out for 2 months? What's it like not having me around? peaceful? probably.  In some ways it's crazy how it's been two months but in other ways that's nothing. haha I just gotta take it one day at a time and not overwhelm myself! kay I love you all! I love you mom! I miss you and your crazy projects. Alright the gospel is true and the book is blue! haha keep it classy folks! The Lord is proud of us all and the righteous decisions we all make everyday! by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! xoxoxoxo 1-10-15!!! five stars! WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love JAYNANNE! :] :] :] :]

Monday, April 15, 2013



So this week has been pretty fun! We have just been driving back and forth between areas so it has been kind of crazy! Our Apt in Brookswood is on a busy street where as the apt in Maple Ridge is in a basement, in a residential neighborhood area. So in the mornings, if we are in Maple Ridge, we go outside and run! It's the best, I love it! I always think of Dad running and I wear his running shirt! in Brookswood there are no mountains.  In Maple Ridge we are closer to the mountains!

Trevor wanted all these details about the area and stuff and appts and lessons and the people and I'm sorry, but things have been really hard and it's not my fault. I'm sorry I have no cool stories and I don't give details.  Things will get better I promise. I'm really sorry though. I don't mean to let you down.  I'm trying my best.  When we have lessons and appts and all that, I'll let you know. I'm working on it. The reason I haven't had time to email is because so much had been going on with my last companion that I had to spend all the time emailing my president. I mean, she went home. That doesn't just happen. So I'm really sorry. It makes me sick to think that I don't get as much time to contact you guys. There were some major things I had to take care of that could not be ignored.

Maple Ridge is booming though. We had a lesson with an investigator at the temple in the waiting room and it was so so good. The spirit was so strong. We talked about families and temples, duh, and the holy ghost and scriptures and prayer and the importance of church attendance and it was really really really good!!  That is the first lesson I've really had with an investigator and I did a good job.  I talked a lot, but it was all led by the spirit. Afterwards my companions were like SISTER PETERSEN YOU DID SO GOOD! YOU WERE JUST PULLING THINGS OUT LEFT AND RIGHT AND RELATING THEM SOOO WELL! I was like psh. no big deal. haha just kidding. I don't notice till after if I have done a good job or not! I'm real critical of my teaching and knowledge though! We said a kneeling prayer in the temple and I asked the investigator to offer it.. dynamite. So, we had an appt with her actually before this and I talked about families and I talked about that one time when we all whistled and how we need to just enjoy the moments and than I related it to temples and it was great! boom baby. I love my family. enough said.

So, there is the cutest girl named Sierra in my ward who is thirteen and a couple weeks ago we had dinner and all I talked about was Oskar! ha so they are getting married. Thought you should know.  Yesterday at church she added him on facebook. ha it was great.  Then, I had dinner with some investigators in Maple Ridge last week and the whole time I just talked about Mollie to the fifteen year old boy! ha it was so funny. SOooo they are getting married as well. Then Yesterday we had dinner at a members home who has a seventeen year old daughter! as you can imagine Spencer's name was brought up a couple of times! no big deal. They'll probably just date but not get married! Then there is My comp Sister Saal! I always tell her that I want her to be my sister in law sooo.... Trevor.. she is a great catch!! ;) ;) ;) ;)

As for me, I am doing alright! You know, I'm just hanging in there and trying to take things one step at a time. I really am trying not to think about the future because it just overwhelms me. I did want to talk to you about something though and I don't know how to explain it.. Basically, these last two or three weeks,  I feel so much love and gratitude and thankfulness for the gospel and what Jesus Christ did for me that I can't even function! I have a lump in my throat all the time. ALL THE TIME! Like I feel sooooo blessed that I just walk around feeling like this emotional wreck. I feel like those people in the scriptures who when they repent or something, they become paralyzed and can't move for three days because they are so overcome with the spirit! That's how I feel! I feel like I can't work because I'm so overwhelmed by the glory and amazement of it all! Then I start to feel really guilty. I hate that Jesus Christ had to go through all my pains and sufferings. I hate it. I feel so bad. I sometimes just hate myself for it. I wish he didn't have to. It makes me sick when I think about it. I just don't understand. Why me ya know.. like why out of all the spirits in the universe did I get to come to this world? The same world that our Savior came to and the same world that will be the celestial kingdom. What did I do to deserve this? I don't feel all that special. I feel like I'm not perfect enough to be here. I know that nobody is perfect, but it's like I make so many mistakes and I just don't want to take this life I have for granted. So, I am really struggling with my self worth I guess. I wish Jesus didn't have to suffer. It breaks my heart. how can I feel happy that he did that for me? I just want to make sure that I am showing my love enough and that I am doing everything right. So when I am not perfect at something, I get frustrated. So how do I deal with the power of it all? ahh. just what should I do? I can't just brush my feelings aside because that's like denying everything you know? I can't explain it. You know the Hymn, How Great Thou Art? wow. What a tear jerker.  That one line.. "I scarce can take it in" That describes me perfectly! That's how I feel! We sang this song and I was just like, dang.   

So tonight we are getting transfer calls and than transfers are Thursday. I will probably stay in Brookswood and be trained more.  I think Sister Dean will train in Maple Ridge and Sister Saal will come with me to Brookswood.  I also think it would be cool if we got put into another tri with a brand new missionary! I know what I'm doing, but I still need training I think because we are white washing Brookswood.

I loved your emails by the way.  they were great.  I loved your pictures Trevor! they wouldn't go big though! anywho, OH! So I have a lot of ideas for Brian Carter About missionary stuff! ya know cuz of his job? yeah well I'll have to talk to him when I get home. Also, you should tell him that if he ever needs me to sample anything, than I WOULD LOVE TOO! so just send me stuff! haha :) and tell Quentin Carter that I say Hi! and Tell Josie that we are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! and that I sing Taylor Swift in the shower everyday! she is still one of my all time favorite heroes. What an inspiratioN! 

kay before I go, do you want to know what I was thinking about the other day.. remember when I walked in and after the age change announcement was made and I told you I was going to serve a mission? that was a great moment.  Dad was beaming with pride. Mom was crying. Oskar was freaking Out. Mollie was in Shock. And I was just a standing there in a Holy Place. I love that memory. what do you remember and think about it?
alright well I love you all very much! thanks for everything! I feel your love, support, and prayers every single day.  I have the best family in the world! That includes/is the slacks, stowers, and first ward! what day is john getting married? alright I gotta go! remember that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! 1-10-15! I LOVE YOU! WORK iT!! 5 stars! CtR! catch the wave fools.
-Love SISTER JAYNANNE PETERSEN!!!!!!!! yeeeahhhhhhhhhhh buddddDDDddyyYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

What a Week

There is sooooooooooo much I want to talk about and say. General Conference was absolutely amazing and I want to talk about it, but first things first.

My companion, Sister Arbon, went home this past week. Yep. Pretty crazy. There were some things in her life that she didn't take care of before her mission that she needed to repent of at home. The entire time I have been in Canada has been a struggleI haven't said anything because I didn't want to worry you, but we knew for about three weeks that this was coming. We were just waiting for the call.  Actually, we got the call right after I emailed you last week.  I knew from the moment I saw her that something was off.  The spirit told me that it wasn't going to be your normal mission experience.  I knew something big and sad would happen. I could feel it.  So this past month was extremely difficult. You would all be so proud of me though.  I handled everything EXACTLY how the Lord wanted me too.  He guided me through out this entire process and I leaned on Him sooooo much. My relationship with Him has grown and become so much stronger.  Like we are best friends! seriously. I talk to Him about EVERYTHING! He is literally my rock.  I don't do anything without discussing it with Him.  In return, I feel His trust in me. It's the coolest thing.  Like I know that whatever I say and do, is and was, guided by the spirit so I never question myself.  I have had so much inspiration given to me through the spirit, you wouldn't believe it. I don't have time to go into detail about it all, but just know that this didn't discourage my passion and desire for missionary work one bit! In fact, it has made me stronger because of it. So I just need to say thank you.  If it weren't for you, I know I wouldn't have been able to handle this. Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for raising me the way you did.  You taught me how to be a strong person.  You taught me how to know right from wrong. You taught me how to deal with challenges in life.  You taught me how to be a Latter Day Saint. You taught me the importance of keeping the commandments.  You taught me how to love, how to show compassion, how to be obedient, and how to work.  I could go on and on.  Really, I could! I think the biggest one is knowing right from wrong because when my companion told me what was going on with her, I didn't even think twice before knowing what it was that I needed to do.  I stood up for what I believed in and I knew I was choosing the right. So thank you for teaching me that.  You should be proud.  You raised me right. I love you both so much! You are the best parent's in the world.  Thank you for loving each other and thank you for loving me.  You showed me how to be a good person through your example. I love you Mom and Dad! :)   

So, I dropped Sister Arbon off at the mission home in Richmond and then I was put into a tri with Sister Saal and Sister Dean! THESE TWO ARE AMAZING! I love them so much.  I don't have time to go off on them, but they are great.  I came out with Sister Dean and Sister Saal is our trainer! She actually will be done with her mission in four months.  They are both from Utah.  Sister Dean is nineteen too!  So, they serve in Maple Ridge which is like twenty minutes from Brookswood! It's just over the Golden Ere Bridge, so we have been asked to cover both areas until transfers in 2 weeks.  My address will still be the same, because I will eventually stay in Brookswood.  I was going to train at the end of this transfer, but since I haven't really been trained properly and have no idea what in the heck I'm doing because of everything else I had to deal with, I'll have to wait till the next transfer! If I can be ready in two weeks though, then President Tilleman told me I would train. It's up to the spirit though, so we will see.  I'm trying to remain neutral about it all. So ya! Brookswood is in desperate need of some TLC! We seriously haven't done anything there so it kinda feels like we are now just opening it.

kay, let me hurry and talk about GC! Talk about amazing.  I have just been spiritually exhausted these past couple of days. 
SO MUCH INSPIRATION! I can't handle it! I took 23 pages of notes. Ceder City is getting a temple!? WHAT! awesome!! :) I couldn't even sing "Let us all press on" on Saturday morning.  I was just crying.  Great song.  Packer's poem was brilliant.  Every time they talked about a foundation or rock or sermon on the mount, I thought of my farewell talk.  I loved, loved, loved Sister Dalton's talk!  I thought of all my young women.  Eyrings talk about families was fabulous.  I LOVED Richard G Scott's talk!  Inspired.  Quentin L. Cooks talk was good.  Stanely G Ellis killed it.  Bednar's talk was great.  haha I thought it was interesting.  Never thought of it like that.  CATCH THE WAVE BABY!  Russell M Nelson's talk was fantastic.  Uchdorf's talk about light and darkness was also so freaking amazing.  Nailed it.  Anderson's talk was spot on.  I need to learn missionary FUN because I have just been in this serious situation for the past month.  Rosemary M Wixom on children being loved was great.  My parent's marriage is pretty terrific.  The Prophet's talk was unbelievably great. Obedience has been my motto since day one.  loved the fire story.  Totally something I could see happening to someone in our ward.  Holland's talk was powerful.  Worked iT! Really enjoyed Kopischke's talk.  Thought Porters was nice.  LOVED when Christofferson talked about LES MISERABLES!  We talked about that everyday in the MTC.  There are so many good things to talk about. I can't wait to highlight it all in the Ensign.  I could spend a week just studying one talk.  This gospel is overwhelming.  The church is so true it hurts.

I wasn't able to read emails again sorry.  My time has really been cut every week because I would have to email my president about everything going on.  Well I have to go.  Don't worry about me!  I'm fine!  I got Mollie and Emma's and Ellie's letters the day I was getting new comps and it was exactly what I needed.  Perfect timing.  Still waiting on Tar's! Sorry! Maybe it's there today, wasn't on Friday!  Anyway, I'm gonna make it!  President Tilleman gave me a blessing on Wednesday and the gospel blesses me everyday so I'm good!  I just gotta Work iT!  Take it all one step at a time.  I'm not perfect and that's OK!  I love you all so much.  You are all my rock.  I'm gonna cry so I just gotta stop here.  I'm on the right track now and I am working really hard to catch up!  It's all part of the Lords plan for me.  I'm not worried at all.  If I struggle for 17 more months, then I struggle.  If that's how's it's supposed to be, than so be it.  Alright I love you! Remember to catch the wave!  The time is now!  Paint those tags on your hearts!  By small and simple things are great things brought to pass!  Work iT! 5 stars! 1-10-15! Love ya.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hi! SO I have about fifteen minutes. We didn't get all of our time today because it is too busy! sorry I didn't write yesterday! the library was closed because of the holidays and I felt so so bad! it wasn't an April fools joke!

kay before I forget, I was wondering if you could send me some pictures from my baptism so I could show people. Also, two weeks ago I read all my ancestor stories which I loved, so could you send me some more? I want to learn more about Grandma Petersen. 

CONGRATS on Stef getting engaged! that is soooooo exciting!!! :) :) I am so so so so so happy for her!!! :) :) that is really really cool about that family who was baptized in our ward! be sure to have them over for dinner! I love it! So awesome! 

Also, can you guys believe that on Thursday it would have been a whole year since Trevor got home from his mission?!?! that blows my mind! I can't believe it has already been a year! it seemed like just yesterday The Slacks and us were going to Smith and Edwards to buy candy for his candy bar poster and making all sorts of signs! crazy! HAPPY LATE EASTER!!!!!!!!!! Easter here was great! We had a huge Easter dinner Friday and Sunday! so much fun! I love it! I love food.

ummmmmmmmmmm what is Kolton Peterson's address? the kid wrote me a letter but his address is in Korean! I'm like, um excuse me Kolton...I speak english...not korean...ha what a joke!

Anywho, the mini mission went fantastic! I love love loved it soooooooooo much! My girl was the best! She brought lots of light!

Dad I did get your dear elders. Will you send me your one talk from when I was still in the mtc? I never had a chance to read it.  I loved the truth will prevail story, it's a classic.  I didn't have time to read emails today, so mom and dad, sorry, you might have to send them in mail!

My exchange was great! I loved it! I think I'll go on them every other week! I learned so much! we were really blessed for our faithfulness that day! I loved your email Brooke except that is a crappy picture! I had way better ones but I printed off the wrong one! oh well! like Ellie says, say lave! can't spell!! :P Yesterday we went and chilled at the beach with a sister in our ward.  it was really enjoyable! we saw the biggest starfish. Pictures to come.  I also took lots of pictures at the temple on Sunday! oh happy day! Gotta love church.  I CAN NOT WAIT FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the first time in my whole life that I am excited to watch it and take all these notes! hahah yeah that is probably bad of me! oh well! so are you guys still hanging out with the Slacks? I hope so because I love them and I talk about them and the Stowers to people as if they are my cousins. anywhooooo, I feel like I have to go, but I love you all so so so so so so so much! I hope you are all happy!! :) JUST ENJOY THE MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell Peter I say hi. haha kay remember that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass!!! 1-10-15! I love this gospel.  It helps me be a better person.  I also love that dang Book of Mormon.  Who knew it was so good? I can't get enough of the lord of the rings stories it has! kay I love you all! 5 stars! WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love me! :) :) :)
SISTER JAYNANNE FREAKING PETERSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mauh. xoxoxo