Monday, December 30, 2013


Look what I just tried on.. :) it cost sixty bucks that I don't have and the store closes tomorrow! ha oh well! it was hard to put on with a skirt...

...Well I want to make you a snuggie.  If you'd rather have that, the cost will be the same by the time I buy material, make it, and send it.  :)  Up to You. :)

OH SO I HAVE TO TELL YOU!!!!!!!! it'll be in my big email, but this lady gave me and my comp a 200 dollar gift card EACH to the mall and there was this canada blanket that I just bought with it so you don't have to send me a snuggie anymore! unfortunately the card would only work at some stores, so it didn't work at the lazy one onesie store! :( but I bought a blanket.. if dad is ok with you giving me some money for the onesie, than I will haha I just feel bad cuz I know we are not rich and plus remember tht HUGE package you sent me already a couple months ago?! but it is UP TO YOU MOM! hah cuz I can't decide......... i love it, but yeah...

...I am totally fine if you want to get the onsie instead.  That is so cool about the blanket.  That was such a nice gesture.  Do you know her well?!  Let me know if I need to transfer the $$

ohhhhhh alright...........................gosh dang it.  i will regret it if I don't............ mom you are so sweet. I'll probably need like a few more bucks than sixty... ya know? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

And.........CUTE blanket :)

ahh mom I just love you! You are a great woman. I hope you know thaT! There is a scripture in alma about how we as soldiers do not doubt or fear because our MOthers taught us! and knew it and i always think of you when I read it.  :) love you mom! :)

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