Monday, January 6, 2014


So first things first... 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFFANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
AHH! you are just fabulous! :) LoVe Ya.  

New Year's Eve was a joke.  I did the same thing I do every day.. except we had to be in by 6:00 PM and we just planned. WOo WoO.

Alright So I've got a tale of a tale to tell you lads! A tale of a tale or two about this Mother and Daughter who we have been teaching for several weeks now....I used to think one day I'd tell the story of them, how we met and the sparks flew instantly! And people would say they're the lucky ones.. well Once Upon a time, I believe it was a Sunday, when I caught their eye and we held on to something.. I hold on to the night, they looked me in the eyes and told me they'd be baptized.. I was sooooooooo excited and happy because I just love these two people so much! If anyone were in need of the Gospel right now, it would be them! Everything was running so smoothly and the eight year old was just soaking everything in and it was so fun teaching her and I could not wait for their baptism, but were they just kidding? cuz it seemed to me, one second it was perfect then we never spoke! I didn't feel welcomed anymore.. I just thought, God, what happened? please tell me, cuz one second it was perfect, now their halfway out the door! Well we were going to have this make it or break it lesson at the church on Friday and Sister Larsen was with me on Exchanges and I was way nervous about it! Well I got tired of waiting.. wondering if they were ever coming around.. my faith in them was fading.. when I met them at the church on the outskirts of town!  So up to this point, we taught them everything, save it be a few commandments, So that night we taught about the Doctrine of Christ and keeping the Sabbath day Holy. It was such an incredible lesson! The Spirit was SO strong and good ya know? We stood in the font with them and all the Mothers fears seemed to be drained away and she said they would be baptized next Sunday! So I told the eight-year old that I talked to her mom, go pick out a white dress, it's a TRUE story, baby just say YES! So they chose out their outfits and we went over the interview questions right then and there! Upon doing this, we discovered that they would need to be interviewed by the Mission President, So later that night we called and had a really good conversation with President Tilleman and he booked a flight to fly out this coming Saturday to give them their interview!  Well I was just so relieved and stoked for these two special friends of mine!!!! I can just picture the Baptism and I can picture the Mother just feeling all the burdens and guilt and shame that she has been carrying around for years be lifted off of her and that is what I promised her! So on Sunday church was about to start and there was no sign of them, so we quickly went into a room and I called them! The Mother answered and she informed me that she was NOT getting baptized next week and not only that, but she does NOT want any contact with the church at all! period. I just felt numb. I was trying to be really calm and I just asked why? she said it doesn't feel right. I asked her what her friends and family thought and she said that nobody knows. I told her it was ok if she doesn't want to be baptized right now, but that we would still love to visit with them:) she said no.  she is done.  THIS BROKE MY HEART. I just started crying. I just feel like there are so many things that I wish they knew and so many walls up I can't break through. I told her that I love her and testified of how much Heavenly Father loves her and cares about her despite anything she has ever done and then, that was that.  So we went to the Sacrament meeting and there I was sitting alone in a crowded room and we weren't speaking.. and I was dying to know, Is this killing God like it's killing me? I just couldn't help but cry.  My heart literally aches for them. I love them more than I could ever explain and the worst part is that they do not even understand what they just turned down. I have had a lot of dates drop, but NEVER this close the the baptism and I have never been this emotionally invested for the drop.  I guess the story of them looks a lot like a tragedy now... But I just keep hoping and praying that they will have a change of heart.  I keep staring at the phone and they still haven't called and I feel so low I can't feel nothing at all and I just flash back to when they said forever and always..  I know that Heavenly Father has a plan though and I know that he is full of grace and mercy and truth.  I don't know what went wrong but as I was praying I thought.. Dear God.. I see it all now that they're gone... didn't Satan think we were too strong to be messed with his dark twisted games when we loved thee soooo... I shoulda known.  The Lord is very mindful of what is going on in our lives and I have faith that one day both of these individuals will be baptized as members of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   

When our hearts were depressed yesterday and we were about to turn back (Alma 26:27) this little girl came up to us after Relief Society and she said, "Hi I need you to teach me so I can be baptized!" We were like who are you? she said that she was the 1st councilor in the Bishopric's granddaughter and that her dad isn't a member and her mom is inactive, but she got permission after a year and she is eleven and wants to get baptized as soon as possible! WHAT!!?!?!?!?! We looked into it and it's all true. incredible.  The Lord said to be patient and he would grant unto us success.  I don't know how this story of this little girl will end up, but I hope it's a happy one.  I was reading Alma 26: 26-37 and it's just so good. I can relate so well to the entire chapter. I love it and I love this Gospel.  Anyway, I am not giving up! even if the skies get rough! I'm giving it all of my love cuz God Knows it's worth it! 
SO be strong and of good courage.  
keep calm and carry on. 
five stars. 
remember the small and simple things. 
Long live. 
1-10-15 and 3-2-1 
long live 
WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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