Monday, January 27, 2014

Families are Forever :)


That is so sad about Grandma passing away.. I know that she is in such a better place now and she is no longer in pain.  I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  It's beautiful:] Families are forever my friends. don't you forget it! :)

Well this has been a long week! I've been sick:/ I've got lots of pain in my back and neck and head. Stress.. it'll getcha! I swear it'll be the death of me. I was talking to Sister Tilleman on the phone the other day and she was like.. "You know that last scene in the movie, 'Incredibles' when Dash is in that race and the family is yelling, 'Slow down! Go for second! Go for Second!' Well I'm going to start calling you Dash! You are not a superhero! We can't have you get trasnfigured yet! We know if we just let you loose, you'd be off! Slow down and go for second!" hahah well, I just thought that was funny... I love her! :)

Me with Tanya & Sis Foley
So I have to tell you about this lady named Tanya! So a couple months ago, Sister Allen and I were about to go tracting.  I think it was the end of November or start of December... anyway before we got out of the car I was just like, "Sister Allen do you have faith that we will find a new investigator tonight?!" she was like, "HECK YA!" So, we said our prayer and told the Lord we would.  The very first door we knock on is Tanya's.  I kid you not, it was one of the best door approaches I have ever done. All I remember is while I was talking, it wasn't really me talking.  Like it was all the Spirit! I distinctly remember thinking that this is what it must feel like when the Lord loosens your tongue.  Well she was so optimistic and said we could come back, which made her a new investigator! Well the first lesson with her, I was not here! I was in Osoyoos on Exchanges, but apparently it was real powerful. Can't go wrong with the Restoration.  So the follow up lesson the week after that, we show up and no one answered! We were SO disappointed! The next day We were driving around and I just had a feeling we needed to go to her house.  So Sis Allen and I go there and Tanya was home but only had a few minutes to talk cuz she was about to leave! We simply bore our testimonies to her and the Spirit was so strong.  I invited her to be baptized at the end of December and she willingly accepted.  This meant that she had to give up coffee and get work off on Sundays.  She felt the Spirit and she said she would do it.  Well, We dropped by a couple days later and she said there was just no way she could get work off on Sundays. There is just not even a chance. Shoot. This was a setback.  Her date was dropped and we had lost contact with her for 2 weeks.  Then, there I was at the Christmas dinner Serving Stuffing, and all the sudden Tanya is just standing in front of me with Some guy! I was like AHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?! I was so shocked. She said she wanted to surprise us! The whole time I was thinking, "who is this guy?! we are going to have a law of chastity issue! It's ok, we can work with that!"  Well turns out that this guy's name is Bill, and Bill is an ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTT!!!??????!!!! apparently they met at work and started dating the same time we knocked on her door and she thought that he sent us to her! MIRACLE!!!!!!!!! he Lived in Kelowna, but he just moved down to LANGLEY and into the BROOKSWOOD WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that not the biggest sign ever?! Bill was just so happy about all this.  He wasn't sure how he felt about dating a non-member and this was an answer to his prayer! Well the day Sister Allen and I were going down for transfers in December, we were supposed to go See Tanya so we texted her and asked what time and than she texted us back and was like, "I'm not interested anymore. I'm happy with my faith and future visits are unnecessary." WHAT?! oh man.. i just cried.  So this whole time I still prayed for her and I prayed that she could get work off.. in the meanwhile, the holiday's happened and things were going ok.. than Sister Foley and I get a call from Bill after Christmas and he was like, "Why haven't you seen Tanya?? She says you haven't called or dropped by!" WHAT!?! we were like no she dropped us. and explained it to him.  Well he just couldn't believe it cuz this was a make it or break it for him! so he called her and she was like I didn't say that! AHHH!!! were like did one of her daughters text us?! we were so confused.  So then we go over to her house and she was like no I'm still interested! we compared texts and it turns out that we texted a different Tanya in our phone! WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! so embarrassing. so we took care of that and then a month ago we had a lesson with Tanya and Bill.  The Spirit was so strong and she told us that she still had to work on Sundays, which is so hard cuz I prayed and fasted that she would somehow get it off.  WELL! she then goes on to explain that for the next five Sundays, her work is doing renovations and she can't work! WHAT A MIRACLE!!! as soon as she said that, tears filled my eyes and the spirit confirmed to me that this the Lord providing a way for her to be baptized. AMAZING! Well two weeks ago, her dad died and it was devastating so she wasn't able to come to church because of that. We brought her a gift and I think this was prepping me for Grandma.. anyway She came to church for the first time yesterday and she just fit right in! We haven't even seen her in like 4 weeks and as of today She has been living the Word of Wisdom by herself for an entire month!!!! are you kidding me right now?! We weren't even encouraging it cuz we didn't want to add stress.  Well she is doing amazing and I know she will be baptized.  
I love Tanya and Bill and I know the Lord prepares his children. 

I know the Lord is in the very details of our lives. SO remember the small and simple things. Be strong and of Good Courage. WORK iT!!!!!!! five stars. 1-10-15& 3-2-1 LoNG LiVE. keeep calm and carry on.  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! the church is true.


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