Monday, September 2, 2013

Good On Ya!

Well Hello Everyone! :) So I just jump right in.  

Yesterday was a very very very special day because my recent convert Karen had her baby Hannah blessed!  It was such a good blessing and President Tilleman actually came and gave it! :) It was so cute..  he held her up at the end and he just looked like a proud Grandpa or Something! ha I loved it.  I am so grateful that I got to be here to witness it all.  I feel so humbled and blessed to be a part of her Story.  President told me that in May, I could be Karen's Escort at the Temple.  How cool is that?! I just am like overcome with love for it all.  I Stand all Amazed at the love Jesus Offers me.. Confused by his grace that so fully he proffers me..  So the blessing was really a moment to remember.  

President Tilleman also interviewed one of our investigators for baptism in two weeks and all is looking well, but please, please, please pray that everything will work out. please.  Satan is powerful.  

Sis Gale, Ruth, Brad, Loretta, Diane, Breanne
Yesterday, we also had dinner and Brad and Loretta's, and I love them like crazy.  Brad was baptized a week before Karen.  He is just about the funniest man ever.  I love going over there.  So Sister Gale eats extremely slow, and Brad loves food and eats super fast, so when ever we go over there for dinner, I look over at Brad, who is all done with his third helping and he will just be staring at Sister Gale's plate with such a look of confusion and concern.  hahahaha yesterday he commented like 9 times that he could eat it for her or she doesn't have to finish or how is she not done or what's taking so long or is everything alright?  It's so funny. Anyway, I love them!

So this week this kid in our ward, Jason, left on his mission.. We went and visited the night before he left and he got very choked up and again thanked me.  It was tender.  He'll be a great missionary.  

On Friday I went to the YSA on an exchange with Sister Weller and so of course it was super fun.  We went on Exchanges like two weeks ago and one the way back to the church, to exchange back, sis Weller and I decided to get a doughnut super, super fast at this restaurant that is everywhere called 'Tim Hortons' So we go and the line up in the drive thru is way backed up so we parked the car super fast and jump out and run to the entrance and we take one look at the huge line inside and without even saying anything, we just turned around and ran straight back to the car haha and than we went to another one up the street and went through the drive thru and quickly ate our doughnuts and got rid of the evidence.  I know, we live on the edge.  The other day, I said the phrase, "Good on Ya" to Sister Gale, like how Australians say that you know?? Well anyway, she was so confused and she was like, "is that Korean?" hahaha um what? no it's english! haha she makes it into one word like goodonya.  So now me and Sis Weller say it for everything.  If we are happy, or sad, or just whatever. it's funny ok.  We aren't making fun, I say it all the time now.  pretty cool I know.  
Just because it's cool :)

Hey if you want to send me some music, mom, I would much appreciate that.  Like for a Christmas present or something.. maybe like songs that are churchy and spiritual but not hymns. like the Spectacular songs or Be Strong or You Raise Me Up or Bring Him Home... ya know! those songs! 

Well, I love you all so much! I hope all is going well! We are up at the church emailing because of the holiday.  It is kinda out of our way, but awh well.  Chill everyone.  I know Spencer's correct email.  I email him every week too.   Well thank you for all the love and support! I know I don't comment on your letters much, but I read every single one.  So thank you very much! I wish I could chat longer but I gotta go! 

I know this church is true and I Love being a missionary.  
There is nothing else I want to do in my life right now than devote all my time and energy to serving the Lord.  I owe him everything!! :) I love his plan soooo much. like so much. 
Work iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it fresh.  
remember the small and simple things. 
Be strong and of Good Courage. 
long live.  stay classy.  keep calm and carry on.  
1-10-15. five stars. 


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