Monday, September 9, 2013

The Church is True. Nuff Said.

Hey HEy HEY!!!  what a week! pysch.  Nothing all that exciting happened! like so seriously.  Just a typical week for a missionary.  It finally started raining again so I got to wear my new raincoat that I love! but then it stopped raining. lame.  I can't believe it.. none of you even mentioned Merle's baptism last week in your emails! like what the heck?! do you know how hard I worked for that?! how many prayers were said!? how many hours spent thinking about him!? how many lessons were taught?!  LOTS!!!!!!  I was so excited to tell you.. ahh well. say la vie. 

Well, this Saturday we are having two baptisms for two completely different women.  We just happen to be doing it on the same day! They have both had their interviews and everything so hopefully the baptisms go through! President Tilleman will be preforming the baptisms and I honestly don't know how this keeps happening!  He is just about the busiest man in the Whole earth and yet every time I need him, he just happens to be in town or free.  That, my friends, is a miracle. Our investigators our Marion and Karen.  I have been teaching Karen for about four months, I think, and Marion for about two months, I believe.  It's been a long time coming.  The process of just one baptism is huge.  The process of just getting one persons temple work done is huge!  Just learned more about that and it is insane.  I definitely have a stronger testimony about how important it is to do temple work.  SO GO TO THE TEMPLE EVERYONE! every little bit counts.  Plus they are real people and we made promises with them before this life that we would help them out.  That is one of the reasons why we are living in this day and age where we have temples everywhere! 

Oh that kid Jason, yeah, well he went to the Santa Rosa, California mission and it is officially the first mission in the world to launch Facebook and have iPads and all that as of last week! pretty cool.

On Saturday, I was with Sis Galbraith in YSA and there was this car show going on in downtown Langley and her and I both love old cars, so it was just meant to be, and we walked all around looking at them!  We couldn't take pictures cuz of mission rules, unfortunately.  Like, everyone up here fixes up really old cars and they drive them everywhere! It's like a thing.  I love it.  I want one real, real bad. I just looked over and noticed that our zone leaders were on the computers by us! Acko Taco.  I didn't even see them come in.

Oh man, something else awkward, kay so the other day, Sister Gale and I are street contacting and we see this lady sitting all alone on a bench so we go over and I offer her a card and asked if she was religious or whatever, and then she just went crazy on us! She started swearing and saying we Judge Jesus and all this other crap ya don't need to hear about.  Well, I just turned and walked away and that made her more mad so she screamed bad stuff at the top of her lungs at us until we turned the corner 100 yards away! I think she was having a bad day.. haha I didn't look back though.  That really doesn't happen too much to us.  Generally, people are pretty nice or they just aren't interested to hear what we have to say, but they never really yell at us.. they just don't listen.
Anyway..  I just realized this morning that Wednesday is 9/11 and I started getting all choked up.  I can't even think about it too much cuz it breaks my heart.  It's pure awful.  I just know that God has a plan for all of us despite what goes on in the world and despite all the evil and temptations from today's society.  I know that if we just put Jesus Christ at the center of our lives and look to him for the light, then happiness and peace and love will come.  We must just hold on and live the commandments of God.  

I am so grateful to be a member of His Church.  I love calling myself a Latter-Day Saint. I LOVE IT!!  The Church is true and I know and love that we have living day Prophets who lead and guide His church.  I love and enjoy the scriptures so much! The stories in the Book Of Mormon are so meaningful and real, and I know they were written for us.  I love being a missionary.  I love being apart of God's army.  I know that I am fighting for truth and Righteousness.  Thank you so much for all the love and support! It Truly means so much to me.  I kind of had a hard couple of days and seeing all your emails today helped me know that I am being thought of, and loved, and I really appreciate it.  Sometimes I really need you and this is one of those times.  Wish me luck with this next week.  It's gonna be stressful and overwhelming and I probably could use the prayers! haha Well I love you all!

Work iT!!!!!!!!!!!! Be Strong and of Good Courage! Remember the Small and Simple things! long live.  keep it classy.  5 stars.  ctr. keep calm and carry on! God be with you till we meet again! :) I love you guys! :)

Love, SISTER Jaynanne PETERSEN!!!!!!!!! 

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