Monday, June 2, 2014


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Only true and living church on the earth today.  It is the only church on the face of the planet that has the Proper Priesthood Authority to act in God's Name and perform saving Ordinances.
Christ's Church was restored through Joseph Smith who was called as a Prophet of God. 
Under the Direction of Jesus Christ and by the power of God, Joseph Smith Translated The Book of Mormon.  This book, along with the Bible, has the complete and full Doctrine of Christ.
Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was Sent by God to atone for the sins of the world.  It is only through Jesus Christ that we can gain exaltation and live with our families forever in the Kingdom of God. 
Jesus Christ Lives.
We are All God's Children and He loves us. He knew us before we were born.
We have a living Day Prophet today named Thomas S. Monson who has the Power and Authority to act in God's Name and everything he directs us to do is from God.
Like Spencer, These are the things that I know and I only gained knowledge of it by prayerfully studying and asking God if these things were true and by the power of the Holy Ghost I know it is true.
It doesn't matter how much I know, it brings me so. much. Joy!
I know what Elder Petersen said is true. With him I bear my Witness as a servant of the Lord, in the British Columbia and Canadian Province, in the Name of My Lord and Savior, even Jesus the Christ, Amen. 


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