Monday, June 23, 2014

I am Desirous that Salvation Should be declared to Every Living Creature! SO HELP ME!

Down town Vancouver
HEY! :] So I just sent Ya'll a bunch of pictures, but what you see is what you get because It takes forever to load and I don't know which picture it is because you can't see it before hand so there you have it!

You guys sound like you had an awesome week! Congrats to T-rev & Tiff:)

:) Me and Sister Tingson

My week has been a CraZy Miracle filled week doing the Lord's Work! Where do I even Begin?! So On Monday Sister Tingson and I were out finding those lost souls to come unto Christ and what not and there was this friendly old guy on a scooter who zoomed by us smiling and waving! He was too far away and too fast for us so we couldn't talk to him!  About a half hour later we were walking back in the direction which we came, and the same man zoomed past us again!  He was still too far away and too fast, but we felt like we were given a second chance to share the restored gospel with him! SO what did we do?! Of course we got our Pro Stalker-like Skills on and we chased after him! he was already a couple blocks down and we were right by our car, so we jumped in and started to head the way he went! We couldn't see him anywhere! like I still don't know how he went so fast!  We drove three or four blocks down and then We spotted him in this huge park just rolling away! So we pulled over the car and we jump out and just start running through this park chasing after him! He was clear on the other side and we couldn't see which way he turned, but we get to the other side and we look left, we looked right, and than we looked left again, and we barely saw him just as he was turning into this complex so we booked it that way! We made it to the complex and it had so many different turns, but when in doubt, choose the right! Finally we spotted him right before he went into his garage and I was just like so out of breath and like, "SiR! WAIT! SIR! WE REALLY WANT TO TALK TO YOU!" ha ha he turned and just stared at us like we were freaks.  We go running up to him and we were like breathing all hard and just like "Hi. We have been chasing you.  We want to let you know God loves you and he wanted us to share a message with you!"  This Man's name was Fred.  Fred is a Jew and he was not interested.  After a very brief conversation he drove away.  I don't know why we felt the need to chase this man down when there were plenty of people we crazily ran past in the park and down the street that we could have easily talked to instead. But I do know that God loves his children and he knows every single one of them! I know that God loves Fred.  Otherwise he would not have sent his two missionaries on a wild goose chase just to get rejected.  I know that the gospel should be preached to every living creature and I know that everyone will have a chance to accept or reject the gospel. 

So I just Bring a good old PB&J to my Picnic's, but this is how the Philippines's do it.

Picnic by the Ocean

I love my mission! I love feeling God's pleasure as I find his lost sheep! I love Representing the Savior Jesus Christ! I love who I am! I love God's Plan! I can't wait to live with Him one day!  I hope you all know who you are and what you stand for! Have a great week! Be Strong and of Good Courage! Remember that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! Keep calm and carry on! do the 1-10-15 and 3-2-1! Be you and only you! Dare to be a Mormon! WORK iT!!!!!!!!! five stars! long live!
Love Your Crazy Awesome Missionary, Sister Petersen! :]    

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