Monday, June 16, 2014


Hi! Happy Father's Day Dad! :] I love you SO much! You are one of my hero's! So glad your mine:)

This past week was crazy hectic! Let me tell you what! My new companion is so dang cute! Her name is Sister Tingson and She grew up in the Philippines but has been in Canada for the Last two years! I love her so much! Every now and than she reminds me of Jessica:) haha So now I am the only white Sister In our District of three companionships! Not gonna lie, It's pretty Sweet. I'm basically Asian now.  I'll send a pic. We are all training a new missionary which is pretty funny! I guess we are just that cool;) It was the Tilleman's Last Transfer Meeting because they conclude their Mission in just 2 Weeks... you could have cut the Spirit with a knife!  Not a dry eye in the Room.  It was very moving and very spiritual.  I love them very dearly and it was the first time I got Tilleman-Sick during that meeting.  I just know that we are as The Army of Tilleman in the Canada Vancouver Mission.  I know that we were organized together before this world began and I feel very honored and privileged to have them in my life.  These have been days never to be forgotten.  That is for sure.  Nevertheless, The New Mission President and Mission Mom Will be awesome! :) 

On Friday we went to this Special Woman's Conference held at my Stake Center in Surrey for the Lower-Mainland and In attendance was one of my favorite General Authorities, Elder Christensen and a member of each of the General Relief Society, Primary, and Young Women's Presidencies! So that was pretty neat and I got to meet and talk with each one of them! :) 

I am super stoked that Trevor & Tiffany are getting married this week!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO EXCITING! Tiffany I can't wait to be your Sis-in-Law! We are gonna party it up all the time! Petersen Style. Welcome to the Fam:)  Congrats Trev! So happy for ya! I Love you both a ton! hope the Big Day super special and just enjoy it cuz it only happens once! My Adivce...  Work iT! Plus Be Strong and Of Good Courage! Remember the Small and Simple things and don't worry be happy!  Just Keep Calm and Carry on if Something goes amiss and just know that Truth will Prevail!  Long Live the Walls you crashed through to get to this point and when all is said and done, do the 1-10-15 & 3-2-1! I love you all so much! I have the best family in the World! :) Don't you forget about me!

Love Sister Petersen:]  

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