Monday, June 9, 2014

Life Lessons :)

The Office Sisters Surprised me with a Birthday Cake! :)

Oh Hey! Thank you SO much for all the Birthday wishes! I had an awesome birthday filled with awesomeness! :) 
My Recent Convert Emily treated us to a Birthday Lunch when I turned 21!:)

I may or may not have gone here for my 21st birthday! ha
CONGRATULATIONS DAD! Woo Woo! way to be! WAY TO BE!  My Recent Convert Emily was like, " Awh! You are a Princess! You are a Princess to the Bishop! Awh!" haha it was so Asianly cute! :)

Well yesterday afternoon for the first time in the history of forever, We got Transfer Calls!!!!!!!!!!! (this is usually a Monday night of the sixth week of the transfer occurrence) Since the Assistants are in our ward, we talk to them all the time so when we missed their call, we thought nothing of it! (Usually when "Assistants" call you it's a high priority type of thing) So we called them back and it turns out Sister Struempler is getting transferred and I get to Stay here in Richmond and train a new missionary! AHHH! crazy. pray for me.  So I'll be getting my new companion Thursday Morning, but until then, We are the carpool for the four sisters leaving on Wednesday and for the next three days we will be driving them to and from the Greyhound Bus Stop, Mission Office, Mission Home, Apartments, and Airport! Just call us a taxi service! It's pretty fun:) 
Staying Hydrated!

After They leave, the group that came out with me and Myself, will be the oldest Missionaries in the Mission! (we were the first set of 19 year old's to come to this mission!  When I first got here there were like 13 Sisters and we made it 24. Now there are over 100 Sisters Serving in the Canada Vancouver Mission! Boom Baby!)  This past week we had to randomly move apartments which was hectic and stressful! Nevertheless, we took it like champs and now we are in the same building as the Chinese Sisters and a Senior Couple so that's pretty great!

Oh, Last Sunday we Had this Canada Wide Stake Conference Broadcast and it was SO POWERFUL! like dang.  Elder Holland and President Eyring spoke to us as well as the General Relief Society President and Elder Perkins! It was SO killer.  If you get a chance, look it up!  Other than that, not much has happened..

Oh I learned how to Breathe! Ya so apparently for 21 years of my life I haven't been breathing correctly! Who knew that you used your stomach to breathe! WHO KNEW!? so yeah.. learned all about what a diaphragm was so that was pretty exciting! The things you learn on a mission..  

Actually speaking about learning, I have learned SO much while serving here! I absolutely love learning about the gospel and I love discussing it! Probably one of the Most enjoyable things is when you actually get someone to stop and listen to you and then have a real conversation with you on the street! and it's not just another "let's compare your religion to my religion" but an actual conversation of interest! Those are the best!  Last Week I talked with this guy named Alex at the Sky Train stop and before I even started he was just asking question after question about the Bible and Christ's Ministry among other deep questions and it was so fun to know the answers to the questions and than for him to take my word for it and tell me I was Knowledgeable! The best part was when I tied all back to the Book of Mormon and had him wanting it before I even offered!  Ah Man! It's those Conversations that get you through the day and humble ya because you know that God was inspiring you what to say and you just know that you are not alone! The Spirit is the teacher and testifier and it is up to us to be worthy and obedient to have the Spirit with us always and especially in those times of need!  That's when you feel like an instrument and tool in God's Hands and I am here to tell you that nothing can compare!

I LOVE discussing the Gospel!  I can't get enough of it!  A couple weeks ago, I gained new insights on revelation pertaining to the Plan of Salvation and just this last week I had the rare and sacred opportunity to personally share what I learned with my Mission President just because he knew I wanted to.  I went into his Office, laid out my Journal, planner, Preach my Gospel, Scriptures, hymn book, and his last two Mission Memorandums, on his Desk, slid up a chair, and for a good hour we discussed & studied Eternal Truths.  The Plan of Salvation is True.  God's Love is real.  Jesus is the Christ and the Savior of the World. I know that I am a daughter of God.  I know that one day I will become like him and live in his Kingdom with my family forever! I know that Christ has restored his Gospel back onto the Earth through a Prophet of God and I know that nothing else but the Doctrine of Christ matters.  It is So small and Simple and yet it is So GREAT! 

I want to invite you all to Be Strong and of Good Courage and just enjoy the moments! 
Keep Calm and Carry On! 
1-10-15 & 3-2-1 
Five Stars! 
LOnG LiVE! WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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