Monday, July 29, 2013

It's ALL in your ATTITUDE!!

SIGNED! SEALED! DELIVERED! I'M YOURS! ha so hey I got your package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh! I absolutely loved loved loved it! like you have no idea. 
 The Scripture case is perfect! THANK YOU SO MUCH! and Mollie that Bracelet...classic.  Everything was perfect.  I loved the book mark and YW theme and carmel popcorn! it tasted like home! :) thank you.  SPENCER IS LEAVING ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh. who else is freaking out right now?!? I haven't stopped talking about it for like 2 weeks.  Basically all of Canada knows that he's leaving for his Missh.  SO COOL. I am so proud. ahh. I love him.  He is only of the bravest and strongest kids I've ever known.  What a Stud. So I got a call from my RS president.. apparently she got an email from my mom talking about a raincoat.. haha AT ANY RATE, I gave it to her and she is sending it back for me. SO SWEET.  

I Had such an amazing week here in Brookswood.  We set three Baptism dates and it was awesome.  They aren't for a couple weeks, but please, please, please, please pray that they will happen.  The Investigators with these dates need this in their lives right now, more than ever! So please pray.  We taught one of them last Wednesday, and gave her the Book of Mormon, and invited her to read the introduction. On Saturday we followed up to see what she thought and in all seriousness, she was like, "I'm not that far.. I only got to the Book of Jacob!" um come again?! WHAT!? We were like, that's amazing!!!! ahhh. So that was totally radical.  

So Storytime.  On Friday it was 8:45 pm so we had fifteen more minutes before we had to be in for the night so after debating whether to head in or not, we decided we were going to quickly drop by this less active sister in our ward.  Well when we knocked on her door,  she answered,and tears were just streaming down her face. Mascara everywhere and she was holding her baby in one arm and on the phone with her mom in the other hand. She was all hysterical and told us there was a mouse in her kitchen! hahah I immediately dropped my bag and ran to the kitchen and she had somehow managed to capture it under an Ice cream bucket. So Sister Gale and I went into action mode! we got a rice crispy cereal box and ever so carefully slid it under the bucket.  than we got this square piece of wood furniture and slid it under that so we would be able to carry it without it being flimsy. this took like 15plus minutes mind you.  So together we both carried it out into the backyard onto this pavement away from the house.  I had a shovel and sis Gale had the broom. The plan was that we would put it in a box and than put that box in another box and than I would mail that box to myself! and when it arrived, I'D SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!! ha no jk! The plan was that she'd knock the bucket off with the broom and than I'd SMASH it with the shovel! Well then we were afraid that it would be quick and run away, or run towards us, so we found this big bucket like the ones at Home Depot, and ever so carefully slid it into the big bucket! Well then we were like, we could drown it, but that seemed cruel, or we could just like stab it, ha but then after we started looking at it, it looked so innocent and weak! So there we were, the member was still just bawling, and she kept going back inside cuz she just couldn't watch, and it's getting dark, and the neighbors are just staring at us from their deck, and we don't know if we should kill the rat or set it free! We didn't want it to get back inside, but at the same time, it's one of Gods Creatures! I just didn't know what to do. There I was, shovel in hand, and I felt like Nephi when he was told he needed to kill Laban.  I was led by the Spirit to her house, not knowing before hand the things which I should do.  Than the Lord put this mouse in my path to kill and never before had I shed the blood of mouse/rat.  SO! When in doubt, pray it out.  So we said like two prayers and than we just killed it! ha Later, my District Supervisor said that it is "better that one rat should perish than have a whole nation dwindle in unbelief!" I still feel bad about killing it, but I did what needed to be done, and the member is eternally grateful!  The whole time she was just like, "I will sign any list! I will buy you groceries! I'll go out with you! I'll do whatever! we are like family now!" haha I just told her getting someone for us to teach and share the gospel with would be more than enough! :)  We told our ward mission leader and bishop this story and yesterday at church they were just laying on the jokes and announcing our rodent exterminating services to the ward.  haha Bishop called us the Sista Mafia.  I was like Kay too far. haha  

Oh so I didn't have pink eye at all last week and I wore my glasses everyday and than yesterday, I put my contacts in and my eye was completely red by the end of the day and all itchy. LOVELY! so I thought I cleaned my contact enough but I guess I should of just got a new one.  So we are back to square one.  

OH, my recent convert Karen had a baby shower thrown for her last week by some women in our ward and she handed out these numbers on paper and whoever had the number she picked got this candy bar that was like the size of my arm! Well she totally rigged it and gave me the winning number! hahahah I just love her too pieces. so funny. 

Oh, one last thing, so in ward council they always make jokes about the High Priests and how they don't do much but sit around and all that, and this one just just cracked me up and I could not stop laughing yesterday. So the YM Pres was like to the High Priest guy, "...a couple years ago the high priest cleaned my gutters, you could do that again.." (he was lying kay) and then the hp guy was like, "ya and they've been in the gutters ever since!" ahahaha, ok, well I thought it was pretty hysterical. haha anyway I have to go because I am out of time! Oh, I had a good talk with president Tilleman and ZC. 

Hey the church is true and the book is blue! seriously though. 
I love being a missionary.  
I love my area.  I love the Brookswood ward. 
I love my Savior.  
So remember, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! 
BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE! We are all a part of God's army, people.  
    WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     1-10-15. five stars!!!!         LOVE SISTER JAYNANNE PETERSEN

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