Monday, August 5, 2013


Hi Everyone! 
So I am so excited for Spencer! 
He is going to be such an amazing missionary and I am so proud of him.  Leaving everything you know for eighteen months to two years and going to a place that is foreign to you, to tell people that you know Jesus Christ's true church is on the earth again and then inviting them to be baptized into it, takes a lot of courage and bravery.  

So word of advice for whom it may apply: 
Do not judge.  Judgement is of the Devil.  
I am not preaching or lecturing, I'm just saying that most of you have no idea what it is like to leave everything behind and forget about your self image and put on the image of Christ.  It is hard, and guess what?? Satan loves how hard it is and he targets those who are trying to follow the example of our Savior.  Whether that be preparing for a mission, or for baptism, or for life.  I was reading in the Joseph Smith History and right before he saw the light, he was so overcome with an evil Spirit.  Spencer said it best in his farewell talk.  I still remember how awful I felt before I went to the temple and before I left on my mission.  Those two choices were some of the hardest decisions I had to make and I know it is because Satan made it hard for me.  So we never know what others are going through.  We never know what kind of pressure Satan is putting on them.  So instead of judging them, criticizing, and just flat out being rude, just love them and build them up and support them and be understanding.  Have faith in others.  Have faith and trust in the LORD!  I've realized and seen so many times on my mission that I'm at my worst, right before it gets better.  And you know something else that President Tilleman has said.. Often times we criticize others, by calling them slow or lazy or annoying etc., when really there is something wrong with us that we need to change.  NOBODY IS PERFECT.  It is not our place to judge and luckily we don't have to.  Our purpose is to gain experiences and live in a way that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father.  There is so much we need to work on personally, how do we even have time to judge others flaws? like for really.  anyway... 

Today the library is closed for some odd reason so we are up at the church emailing.  I am trying to be speedy!   hope you got all my letters! I sent eight in eight different mail boxes. haha I try to make my own fun! Last P-Day we tried to do something somewhat fun so we went down to this place called Campbell Park and walked along a trail in some trees.  It was so lame, haha, oh well, we tried.  Our car was making these weird noise so we had to take it in.  It was fine in the end, they just fixed it a little and then we were back on track! 

I went on exchanges with the Willoughby Ward sisters! It was fun.  I like going to different areas.  It's kinda like a vacation or break from all my stress in my area.  The Willoughby Ward is right above ours and they share the building with us.  It used to all just be the Langley Ward, but they split it a couple years ago so there you go! 

I bought all the hymns on CD so we have something to listen to in the car! So that is exciting I guess! haha.  Thank you so much for my mini hymn book by the way! Every morning I pick one hymn and I look up the corresponding scriptures and highlight them and then at the top of the page, I just write the hymn page number so that way I know when I'm reading those scriptures, there is a hymn that goes along with them! BOOM BOTTA BING! that's how we do it in Canada. 

Yesterday I bore my testimony and afterward, this lady in our ward told me that for a split second she saw Jesus standing by me.. she was so serious about it  I didn't feel different.. ha but it was sweet. 

This past week we had sooo many set backs. It was the absolute worst.  We worked so hard and yet everyone used their Agency against us and it was awful.  I know that it is a trial of our faith though, and we just have to Keep Calm and Carry On.  I just worry what others think ya know? like I don't want to let anyone down.  I don't want to let God down or President Tilleman or Bishop Towns or any of you or my companion and it is just lots of pressure and I'm just trying to keep my head above water.  I feel like I'm doing the best I can.  Granted, there are times I could have done better, but they are in the past now so I'm just repenting and moving on.  Can't dwell on what ya can't change.  I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting me while I've been away.  I feel so much love from everyone and I just want to thank you.  Your letters give me so much encouragement and help me to stay strong.  They not only help me but they help others.  I can't tell you the number of times I have used stories you've shared with me while I am teaching or talking to someone.  Just this morning during studies, Sister Gale was having a hard time, so, I read her parts of some of my letters that I received from Mom, Dad, and Ellie.  As I read them to her, it helped strengthen me at the same time! I feel so humbled and blessed to have such great support.  I mean you all actually care.  It's amazing.  My one request is now that you have two missionaries, if ya had to choose who to write one week for some reason.. please please please choose Spencer.  I'll be fine.  In all seriousness, please write him.  Comment on things we say.  It helps us to know that you actually care.  We wouldn't share it unless it meant something to us.  We don't have enough time to do otherwise.  Send Spencer all of our family pictures like he asked.  Send everything he asked for.  Trust me. 

Well, I love you all so much and I am so happy I have you.  The church is true and I know you all know that.  Be an example to those around you and remember that everyone makes mistakes and we just need to be positive.  If you aren't positive one day or you get stressed and annoyed at something, well then, fake it.  Fake it as hard as you can.  Smile for five minutes straight.  Tell a joke.  If no one is around, then tell God the joke.  I'm sure he would get a kick out of it.  Life is good.  We are Latter Day Saints.  That's so Awesome.  Tell my Josie I love her and to work it for me.  BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!
Well everyone.. Just hold on. HOLD ON! the light will come! By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.  BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE! WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS. 1-10-15  
I love you all.  Sorry I have no rat stories this week! just pluckin along! :) 
                                                    I LOVE YOU. long live.
                                      -LOVE SISTER JAYNANNE PETERSEN!!!!! :]

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