Monday, July 8, 2013

I Can't Believe it's JULY!!

Hey Everyone! :)  So what a week!  

Sister Byam and I worked SOOOO hard to achieve the standards of Excellence this week, but unfortunately, none of our investigators came to church yesterday! Biggest bummer ever! We prayed and made sure they knew where it was and called them and reminded and everything! Ya know what though? it's OK! I mean yeah, I just want to scream, JUST COME TO CHURCH! ha but I know that I did everything I could so I don't feel bad.  They have their agency and as long as I know that I did my very best and my part, the rest is in the Lords hands.  He is pleased with my efforts cuz he knows I did all I could! We were able to get four member-present lessons though, which is great! Ya see, we had more planned out, but most of them fell through.  This happens a lot.  We show up to a lesson and no one will answer or no one is a home.  such a tragedy.  It's all good though cuz we found Three new Investigators! holla at cha! woo woo.  and we had two other lessons, and we have one with a baptismal date currently, but we are working on getting more.  It was a good week.. mostly.  haha I mean we worked very hard and tried our best to reach our goals so that is good! 

KAREN HAD HER BABY ON TUESDAY! ahhh. we went and visited her at the hospital on wednesday.  She had a sea section whatever thing.  baby stuff is gross. just saying.  So Her cute little girl doesn't have a name yet and we weren't even aloud to hold it which was sooo sad! she kept going, "wanna hold her? oh wait you can't.." I was just like punch in the gut Karen! haha She is a cutie. I love babies.  

I GOT MOLLIES LETTER TODAY!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! AND ONE FROM MY ELLIE:]  Mollie, I only got to read the first page about the TS Concert and I was dying! sounds amazing. ahh. I can't think about it.  anywho... they drive way slow up here! ha like their 80 k's is like our 50 mph.  and guess what? we always only go like 30 mph mostly on main roads.  kills me. haha. so yeah.. we drive much faster in utah.  Oh as for the new tech stuff they said were going to be introduced to missions.. that is not going into affect here for 6 months to a year.  it's a long process.  Kinda like building a temple.. When they announce one is being made, it still takes a couple years till it is complete ya know? the Fourth of July was good!  Thursday is our planning day so we were inside mostly, but I did get to have a BBQ and all that yummy stuff that comes with it! :) I sang patriot songs all the day long! :) you best believe I am proud to be an American.  I made us stand for the Star Spangled Banner during comp study cuz we always start out with a hymn! :)  

So... I had to go to the Doctor on Friday and get x-rays on my chest... EVERYTHING IS FINE! DON'T WORRY! I'M COMPLETELY FINE AND EVERYTHING IS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY! IT'S ALL GOOD! basically, on Tuesday I was eating dinner and all the sudden I had really sharp pains in my chest and upper back.  it wouldn't go away.  I thought I swallowed wrong or something, but no.  I haven't been sick or coughing so I didn't know why I was in pain.  I thought it would go away so I just kinda decided to stick it out! what a joke. Every time I drank or ate, I was in a lot of pain.  It was like clock work.  As soon as I would swallow, the pain would start to swell. And it never goes away through out the day.  It's kinda like the spirit.. ya know.. a constant companion.. haha yeah I have a constant pressure even when I don't eat.  So I went 8 meals like this.  I really thought it would go away ok! So Wednesday, and Thursday, and then after studies Friday, I called the mission nurse.  She wanted me to go to the walk-in clinic so I did.  Um we waited FOREVER and then he saw me and like after 1 minute he was done.  I was like, "my chest hurts."  So he feels my stomach. I was like,"my chest hurts."  So he just stares at me.  I was like "my chest hurts." So he decides I need an x-ray.  haha that's basically how it went down. the nerve. anyway.  I explained everything to him and he gave me a medicine prescription and sent me on my way.  Well, in between all this, we had a member-present/new investigator/baptism date! just saying.  So I go to the x ray place and it took forever for them to figure out how I was paying for it.  Ya see, the mission was paying for it from the mission fund so we had to call into the office and get the card number.  They did not understand this.  So confusing.  Well, we eventually got it taken care of and I was able to go get an x-ray.  I don't think I've ever had a chest x-ray before.  I just had to wear a hospital gown and stand there for 2 seconds and it was over.  woo.  So then We went to pick up my prescription and the pharmacist was sooooo nice! I talked to him for like 10 minutes! He explained it all to me way better.  Basically, I have too much acid in my stomach due to stress so when I eat, it comes up my asoccafussa-whatever and it burns my chest really bad.  LOVELY! ha I take this medicine at breakfast and dinner now and it gives me headaches. I don't know.. they said if something comes up in the x-rays, they'll give me a call. At least I think they said that? I dunno.  So yeah.  I went to the Bishops on Saturday for a Priesthood blessing and he sat me down and gave me a health lecture. haha gotta love him.  He told me all the foods I should and should not be eating.  He's a horse vet and he was like, "If you were a horse, I would put hay in front of you all day long!" ha ok. good to know.  So, I need to stay away from anything with acid in it or like granola or wheat or oat cuz that is hard to diges.  So we went and looked and that is basically all of my food! ha!  So now I am living off of soda crackers and and I bought these weird baby cookies today called arrowroot.  hope they taste alright.  Apparently, the crackers will absorb the acid, or so the Bishop says. I don't hurt when I eat them, which is really nice so I bought a big box of them today! He and his sweetest wife ever gave me like a dozen cans of this organic soup, so that is helpful! So yeah.. I eat carrots and salad, too.  The pain has gone down a lot.  I have a sore throat now tho and I get tired easy.. ahh! it just never ends.  Don't worry though! I am taking care of my self.  Bishops orders.  I was like, "Bishop, missionaries don't get sick!" He was like, "Oh so you were set apart with invincibility?" ha than I got the look. haha  oh Bishop.  I love him!  He gave me lots of guidance and he gave me a really good blessing! :)  So yeah that was a crazy thing that happened to me.  carry on. carry on. carry on. We get transfer calls tonight.  So next week I'll let ya know what happens.  

We have a sisters conference on Friday and I am soooo excited! it's all the sisters in the mission coming together! We are getting like 20 new sisters this transfer.   My sister district has to house sisters! I love it.  That means that sisters are staying with us! YAY! :) :) :) I'm very stoked for this. it's cuz we live closest to the mission office. 

you know what I miss? well I'll tell ya! I miss scaring Dad and Justin.  Ahh.  Those were the days.  good times. good times.  "I memorized what it sounded like when my dad got home.  I remember the foots steps I remember words said..." haha than BOO! haha so fun. Justins girlie scream.. classic.  

Well I love you all very very much.  I hope you all have the best week of your lives and just remember to hold on to the rod.  I don't think I am allowed to look at my blog mom. so sorry.  but I hope you are able to scan pics on there! that's great.  Well remember 1-10-15! BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE BABY! by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.  WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please just Work iT!! 5 stars! :) love you all. Dad, tell me your thoughts on posterity;) ok.  Wish me luck out here.  I think this week is gonna be an adventure. and please pray that I won't be so anxious and stressed so that i don't end up getting oltsurs?! can't spell obviously.  anywho. I LOVE YOU ALL! now catch the wave and spread the gospel.  
congrats Spencer on going through the temple! you are in the club now! :) 
I love you! Hope you got my letter! :)
WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE SISTER JAYNANNE PETERSEN!!!!!! boom baby.

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