Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So first off I am so sorry that I am emailing today and not yesterday!  Our p-day got switched around because we got to go to the Temple today! ahhh. I love that place. We are so lucky.  Some missionaries have never even seen the temple so I feel very blessed to get to just see it two to three times a week!  

SO TRANSFERS! I am still in Brookswood. Ha surprise, surprise.  BUT! I am training a greenie straight from the MTC!  Her name is  Sister GaleShe is 22 and from Delta, Utah.  She is super sweet.  Scared to death of going tracting and making phone calls, but she is very nice.  She is your typical small town girl mormon.  She has this fancy machine thing that cleans her gums! so cool. let me tell ya. got to get me one of those! ;)

SO transfers were absolutely amazing.  I just loved them so so so so much.  I feel so spiritually uplifted after.  It was funny, we were all sitting on the back row of the chapel and President walks in and so we all stand up and he started to shake our hands and he goes, hi, hi, hi, hi, congratulations, hi, hi, hi, hi. Ha he said that when he got to me.  I was like, oh hey thanks haha. funny. guess you had to be there.  Being at these meetings is just like one big reunion. I love seeing my sisters! It's the best.  During this one part, President made Sister Willmore get up and bare her testimony and I just was so proud of her! like so proud.  So, of course I start to cry, and the whole time I'm just smiling as wide as I can at her, and after she sat down, President begins to talk in front of like 200 missionaries and he said something like, "Sister Petersen is just sitting there with tear-filled eyes, a little nervous for training. She's gonna do great!" ha what?! as Josie would say, "no no no no no!" I was crying tears of joy cuz of my sissy willmore! So, then I had to reassure my new comp that I am so, not nervous to train! which I'm not! I mean I know the area like the back of my hand.  I love my Brookswood.  I know how to find people and what to say and all that and if not, the Lord will help me no doubt.  I mean, yeah it is kinda A LOT of pressure because everything depends on me, and my knowledge, but I am trying to just keep it real, real simple and be super focused on setting a good example for my new greenie.  I'm not being prideful..I'm faking it until I make it..So let's just say I am doing amazing! :) ha.  Sister's Conference was also amazing! There are like forty plus sister missionaries now! It's amazing.  We had so many great insights and guidance.  I don't think I ever mentioned that Elder Christensen of the Seventy oversees this area and he works with President Tilleman a lot! He and his wife spoke to us and it was really good.  We just met in the RS room and it made it so much better.  Like so cozy.  We sang "As Sisters in Zion" and I don't know if you've heard the new one with more verses added, and what not, and they changed the words a bit, but it is beautiful.  I couldn't even finish singing because I was so choked up! ahh. so good. 

SOO let's see.... None of our investigators came to church and I just about Raged.  JUST COME TO CHURCH DANG IT! so frustrating.  We teach the GP class and its just full of recent converts and investigators, and the ward missionaries, and its fun.  The Elders teach every other week.  Sometimes the members get too detailed about stuff and they don't keep it simple, so that's aco taco, but other than that, it is fun.  The Elders had this real old couple come they are teaching and I bore my testimony about the atonement and cried.  After, they were like, "Thank You for Your Testimony" and it was so simple, but so powerful and I just know that our efforts are not wasted.  Even though we feel like we repeat ourselves a lot, and we have the same testimony we always share, you never know who is going to be affected by it.  I know he was sincere when he told me that. 

Oh so we have this one Investigator who is from Czech Republic.  I told her about Spencer obviously, and so now we are in.  Thanks bro.  Oh, and I am feeling lots better health-wise just to let you know! I am doing good. just drinking lots of water and getting real sick of crackers! ha. I have medicine I take that helps! But no more pain for me! yay. 

Oh, so this week our stake has trek but it's not trek, it's Moroni's Quest.  I don't have time to explain but they have been working really hard and basically reenacting the Book of Mormon.  Sweet.  It sounds really cool. We can't go. Such a bummer.    
So, Things are going wellWe do lots of tracting.  We see lots of miracles.  
Life is good.  I love being a missionary. just saying.   
I just gotta smile and laugh when everything is a joke.  
That is all I can do.  

So last week dad told me about this part in the temple where he got emotional, so I got emotional at that part too.  Then after, when we were going to the changing room, this lady in our ward, who I love, named sister Andrews, pulled us into one of the sealing rooms and made me look at the mirrors.  It was beautiful and I know that my family is going to be together forever.  I saw it.  I love the Temple.  Today the spirit was so strong.  

Oh one more thing, I hope girls camp went well! I know it probably wasn't as good without Me and Tar there but I hope you were still able to manage!  
haha, just kidding. ha, nope i'm not.  
Girls camp is where it is at.  

Anyway, I love you all so much and I hope you are doing well.  I don't have time to write letters today.  Work iT for me! Oh, Mollie your story you wrote me about trek was just a tear jerker.  ha I love you!
k by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE! 5 stars! work it! :) 1-10-15

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