Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey guess what? I AM TWENTY! whaaa??? 
Where in the heck did the time fly? Great Scott! 
I just can't believe it. That's Heavy.  haha 
TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh. 

SO WEIRD! I don't think I can handle this.  Can you believe that I have been alive for twenty years?? I don't even feel like I've accomplished as much as I should of.  Dad I read the top of your letter about growing up.. made me emotional too.  I will always be your little girl:) I still remember last year on my birthday.. at midnight Mollie and I danced and screamed and spun around! haha I don't have any exciting plans for the day except I'm gonna go to the new Target that just opened up here in Langley.  Yeah that's right. I know how to party. Living on the edge.  ha So we have a FHE lesson with a family tonight and the mom 
 knows I love ice cream and since it's my birthday, she's making us have ice cream Sundae's! :) So that'll be good.  Other than that, I'm not really doing much.. it doesn't really feel like my birthday ya know? just another day of the mission. if ya think about it.. birthdays are kinda a big deal.  Like we are celebrating the fact that we were able to come to this earth and gain physical bodies! that is pretty neat. Just Sayin.

SOOOOOOOOO..... I AM SO JEALOUS OF THE TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh.  It sounds incredible.  I loved the pictures!  I just love Taylor Swift so much.  She is such an amazing role model.  Being on my mission re-confirms that to me even more.  People who can't stand her, well they just don't have a heart!  It's really hard not to sing her songs.  The music we sing and listen to is very, very strict.  I feel guilty if I even think of her music and do you know how hard that is for me?!? EXTREMELY HARD! let me tell you what! seriously though.  Even saying I like her or whatever isn't really me being "on purpose" out here cuz it's not church/mission related.  It's just one of those things I have to take in stride. Anywho!

TRANSFERS! Well I am still in Brookswood with Sister Byam and I am so so so glad it turned out this way.  It just makes it so much easier because we both know the area, we both know the people, and we both know each other! We still had to go to Transfers/Training because we brought Sister Duffy in.  It was so, so, so, so, great to see all my MTC SISTA'S! I never see or hear about Sis Kindlespire cuz she is clear up in Prince George so it was great to see her.  Seeing Sister Willmore of course was just about the best thing ever! I love her like a crazy! She was still going off about how skinny she thought I looked at 6 weeks.  I was like you're crazy! ha and she was like, "seriously you dropped so much weight! I was like WOW." hahahahahah NOT TRUE! if it is, than I gained it all back from eating my scooby doo fruit snacks and granola bars! SUCH A JOKE! with the new finding time between 5-7 though, we don't really eat these days anyways! And considering the fact that I can't really cook.. it all worked out! ha.  don't worry though, I eat.  ya have to. it's kinda part of that whole obedience thing.  such a drag. haha ;) So Anyway, Sister Kennedy got to stay the night with us on Thursday so that was so so fun! I love her! :) Ahh.  I just love missionaries.  Yesterday, Sister Byam and I taught the Relief Society lesson. ahh.  It was on Standing Strong and Immovable.  SUCH A GOOD TOPIC! we used the talk given by Julie B Beck about it.  We also used this story from President Monson in his talk, Dare to Stand Alone.  It was such a good story about how when he was in the navy and he thought he stood alone for being a Mormon.. you'll just have to read it.  Actually there is a Mormon message made about it.  MY goodness I LOVE THOSE! like seriously, I am going to watch those all the time when I get home. They are tearjerkers.

So whenever we talk to people, a lot of times they think we are nuns or JW's.  I'M LIKE UM NO! I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  come on people. get with it.  oh so yesterday I straightened my hair and everyone at church was commenting on it cuz it wasn't curled! ha it was funny.. anywho.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for loving me back.  I hope you can all feel my love.  I have the best support system.  I can't believe I am 20.  Thank you for making these past 20 years meaningful.  I cherish every moment I've spent with you all.  I am just so blessed.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  You are all the best thing that's ever been mine.  I hope you don't forget about me while I'm up here in Canada.  I want you to know that the Savior's church really has been restored back onto the earth and I would give up my life to testify of that.  I owe Jesus Christ everything.  He put me in the most incredible family and I am eternally thankful.

I LOVE YOU ALL! WORK IT!!!!!!! 1-10-15. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Be Strong and of Good Courage. 5 stars.  remember I love ya. and I really miss you all.

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