Monday, June 10, 2013

And... another one's gone...

Well HELLO family.  So I realize that you all wanted to know what you could get me for my birthday last week and never ask for anything! ha who doesn't ask for stuff on their birthday?  Missionaries I guess.. Well anywho.. I don't really need anything from ya. I'm really fine.  I got some things at Target last week! :) and I printed off Dad's talks which were incredible by the way! So that is really all the presents I need.  If you want to pay for the stuff I got, than that would be very nice.  I did have to pay with my own money and I cringed a little! ha So if you want to put like $40.00 in my account I would let ya! :) I got a water cup, two notebooks, binder, stickers, page protectors, and I printed all those pages off.  Other than that, I can't really think of anything.. Well there is this one present that would be cool.. Ya'll would have to get creative and Mollie would have to take charge.  Basically, I want a quote book.  Not just any quote book, oh no! It has to be the ULTIMATE quote book! I want you all to send me a book full of QUOTES! they can be inside jokes, quotes from movies, tv shows, SONGS, funny lines, Pinterest, Josie, I don't really care where ya get them! just get them and WRITE THEM DOWN! make it inspiring! use your imagination! put your hearts into it and make the book cute. haha yeah.. that is all. Please and Thank You! :] oh and send packages to the Mission Office in Richmond. 
So Question, When is my bro Spencer getting his endowments out?! just curious.  

So last week we had four people drop us.  It was hard.  I mean right when we started building up our little teaching pool, it dried all up and we're thirsty again.  It's frustrating, but I am just staying positive because I know this is a trial of my faith. When these disappointments come, it's extremely easy to blame yourself.. like what if it was cuz I didn't have enough faith?  or should I have said this? or should I have not said that? or was I obedient enough? did this happen cuz I secretly sang Taylor Swift? or cuz my eyes were open during the prayer? etc. Well Sister Tilleman called me last week to wish me Happy Birthday and something she said that I really liked was that 'being positive shows you are exercising your faith.'  So even if we think we don't have faith, if we are positive and cheerful, it helps build our faith and it shows that we are trying.  Dad's talk on Covenants helped me remember that Satan doesn't have power over us if we aren't perfect at keeping our commitments and promises.  God hasn't forsaken us.  We all make mistakes in life.  These mistakes can create feelings of guilt and shame.  But because of the atonement, we can be forgiven for ALL our short comings.  I just want to have faith like the Brother of Jared.  Talk about incredible.  I just read his story in Ether.  Holy AMAZING! How come I've never heard all these stories? ha maybe Tara and I should have gone to Sunday School all those times.....Nah! :P One thing for sure though is that the Book of Mormon is true.  Every time I read from it, I know I'm reading about real people and real events.  It is the best book I've ever read!  The stories in there are so inspiring and so deep.  I have such a love for it.  I wish I could just read it all day! That would be heaven.

Well, sorry my email is a little late today.  We came to the library earlier, but it was all full and we have to sit by each other so we can see one another's screens, so we went and did our food shopping instead and while we were at WalMart, the lights went out and everyone was in such a panic! I was like calm down people. One of my 80's songs was playing over the intercom and we were in a lane that was still working so life was good.   
Peter Owens said it best, Ya just gotta enjoy the moments.  
It's hard to do when you are discouraged, but it's what helps build ya up and it keeps things simple.  BTW the ice cream here is pretty good.  NOT as good as Utah's, but what can ya do? Well I have to go! I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for you all! you are the best thing that has ever been mine.  The church is true brothers and sisters! It really is.. remember to WORK iT!!! by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.  1-10-15. Be Strong and of Good Courage.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  5 stars.

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