Monday, July 28, 2014

My 13th Transfer. Say What!?

Hi! How is everyone doing?!  I hope you are all having an excellent week! :) I had a crazy long week.  It was Transfer week so lots was happening!  It was my Last Transfer meeting which was pretty weird to think about.  I have been to every single transfer meeting just cuz, except for one, last year. just saying.  I get to complete my mission in Richmond wish Sister Tingson still, and I am soooo happy about that! :)  

This new missionary that just came in, is from New Zealand, and told me she has read my blog every week since February! What.  Lots of people tell me that and I'm just like... uhhh I hope I said something good! ha I don't even ever remember what I email. ohhh wellz. I forget that other people besides my family read these.... :)Jaynanne sends the family her weekly email, and I (Mom) post it on her blog.  I'm pretty sure she's never seen the blog, :) so she's always amazed when people tell her about it.  When her mission is over, I will print her mission blog into a book for her.

So lately, Sis Tingson and I have been making up Raps to Rejections.  It's pretty fun.  Not gonna lie, I've come up with some pretty good ones.. gotta do what ya gotta do to keep up the faith! :)  They are better in person and I know you are just dying to hear them, but don't fret I'll sing em to you soon!

Do you want to know something.. every now and than I'll be sitting, specifically in Ward Council, and then randomly, it'll just like hit me that the church is true.  I love when that happens.  Not that I ever need reassurance, because you better believe I know it's true! But I just wonder, How can the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Not be true?!  It's so true that I scarce can take it in! Sometimes I have to like take a breather because it is just soooo marvelous, and incredible, and amazing, and outstanding, and beautiful, and magical, and so much good has come from it, that it blows my mind. 

I am so grateful that I am a member of Christ's Church and that I have the knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful to be living in this time of Living day Prophets and the ministering of Angels and the Hastening of the Work! I feel humbled to be a Latter-Day Saint and I thank my lucky stars to be able to share what I know with others and help them feel God's love.  Choosing to serve a mission has been the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.  I am so thankful for all your love and support! It means so much to me! I hope you are all getting answers to your prayers and I hope you are all happy! Just remember that ALL IS WELL!

So be strong and of Good Courage. Fight the Good Fight.  WORK iT!!! Remember the small and simple things and choose to have faith & trust in God.  I promise if you really are doing the 1-10-15 and 3-2-1 steps, than your life, and the life of your family will be forever blessed.  Have an awesome week! Never forget to let your light shine! be you and only you! five stars! LONG LiVE!
Love, Sister Petersen! :)

Mom Note - 

Just a reminder to anyone reading this what 1-10-15, and 3-2-1 means....

A couple of years ago our Stake President started the 1-10-15 theme in our Stake...  
1  Act of Service a day
10 minutes Early to Meetings
15 minutes of Scripture Reading Daily

The next year the theme changed it 3-2-1... 
3 Invitations to activities
2 Placements of BofM
1  In-Home Teach

We have enjoyed these challenges and always keep them in mind.

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