Monday, May 19, 2014

True Happiness:]

Dear Family!  So much happened this past week and describing it to you in an email just does not give it justice!  You'll have to wait till I get home for me to better share my spiritual experiences, but for now, I will try my best!

Merle & Babs
On Tuesday, I had the Honor and Privilege of driving with My Mission President and Wife (President and Sister Tilleman) out to the Temple View Chapel in Langley (which is where Brookswood is) and we got to visit with My Recent Convert Merle and his Wife Babs (who are preparing to be endowed and sealed in the Temple in August!!!!) Along with Bishop and Sister Towns and it was a meeting I will never forget!  The Spirit was so strong and I was SO happy!

After that, We went across the parking lot to the Temple and watched My Friend Brad get Endowed!!!
Brad - Endowment
His Baptism was the first one I saw on my mission one year ago last Sunday!  Being in there with all my Brookswood Friends was such an indescribable blessing and experience!  I didn't even focus the entire time because I was just so happy to be with all those people I love! It was like coming home:)  The drive back to Richmond that night was one I will never forget! I love The Tilleman's more than words could ever express! They changed my life forever.

On Wednesday, they joined us for Emily and her son Brad's final lesson/interview before their baptism and it was great!

Thursday, We had an incredible Zone Conference with the Tilleman's and I know the church is true because of them.

Friday was a very special day... After visiting one of my other converts in Brookswood, we had the opportunity to go back to the Temple and watch Brad, who was just endowed, and his Wife Loretta, get Sealed for Time and ALL Eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad & Loretta - Temple Sealing
It was A-MAZ-ING! I've never witnessed a sealing before and the fact that my first one got to be those two... Well it's something I'm gonna cherish for a very, very long time! I gave Brad a tie when he got endowed and he wore it after the Sealing! :) Just sayin.. All my Brookswood Family was there and afterward I got to hang out with them for a bit and I LOVE them!

Brookswood Friends
They are some of the best Saints I've ever met. I feel so humbled that I can call them mine haha:) I just feel love when I'm with them and they emulate Christ to a tee. They make me want to be better and they make me happy! :]

Just when you think the week couldn't get any better, Yesterday three of our friends got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maricel was baptized by her husband and Emily&Brad were baptized by President Tilleman! We taught and prepared each of these incredible souls over the last several weeks and I was SOOOO excited for them! They are different from each other and that is what makes them unique.  Emily wore all these white pearls when she got baptized and it was so pretty! ha we are talking, earing, rings, necklaces, headbands, bracelets, heels! The whole Sha-Bang and it was so cute! Brad swam to the stair after he was baptized... haha so funny!  I love hearing about what they think and how they feel after they're baptized.. for example, Maricel said that she felt all clean and fresh and pure and that is what Emily Said too! it's almost the best part of the whole thing! Just to see how happy they are.. plus the way you feel Spirit so strong during the service.. well it's just the best!
Tillemans, Emily & Brad, Maricel

This was most likely the best week of my entire mission and my heart is full of gratitude towards My Savior Jesus Christ.  I know He Lives and I know that it's only through Him that we can be cleansed from sin.  I know that each ordinance I witnessed this week is from God and vital for our Salvation.  I know God's plan is real. I know He loves His Children! Everything I Witnessed this past week is evidence of that.  I know that I am a member of the only true church on the face of the planet.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that we are all family.  It was one year ago TODAY that I had my first baptism (who was my dear friend Karen) and my testimony of The Atonement, God's Plan, His Church, The Book of Mormon, My Redeemer, and all the Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel have grown so much since then.  I am so happy I chose to serve a mission.  I am so happy I am a Daughter of God.  I am so happy for everything! The good outweighs the bad and it is worth it! It is worth it to go through the trials and pains and sufferings and afflictions!  It is worth it to stand as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places! It is worth it to be a Latter-Day Saint! The life you are given is worth it to find true happiness!

Always Taking Care of Me :)

So Hold On! Be Strong and of Good Courage! Remember the Small and Simple things! Do the 1-10-15 and 3-2-1! Keep Calm and Carry on because truth will prevail! 
get 5 stars and WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three of my Canada Moms - Sis Towns, Loretta, & Sis Tilleman!! :)

Best Relief Society President Ever!! - Mother Teressa right there! :)

I love you all so much! Remember who you are! :) Long Live <3

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