Monday, May 5, 2014

CrAaZzZY WeeK!!

AHH!!!!!! I had a cCcRRrrrAAZZZzzZZyyYYYYYY week!
First off, if you have any questions about my Mother's Day Call, Then just ask Dad-E-o! He's your guy!  So Last week was transfer week and Sister Struempler and I are both staying in Richmond, but we are basically the taxi/housing service for missionaries because we live so close!  SO, Monday night we Picked up Sister Byam and Sister MacMillan from the Mission Office because they were completing their mission.   They stayed with us and Tuesday morning we drove them back to the Mission Office and then that night we Picked them up from the Mission Home and they stayed with us again.  Wednesday Morning we drove them to the Airport and we helped them get their tickets and luggage tags.  (such a tender mercy from the Lord that I was with Sister Byam!)  In the late afternoon, we went back to the airport and picked up the Prince George Sisters (Nelson, Tague, and Neubert) who were coming in for transfers and staying the night with us.  Wednesday Evening, We drove to the Mission Home and Picked up the two new Sister Missionaries, (Soram&Han) and they also stayed the night with us! Yep.. seven sisters... one apartment...I was the oldest... just saying.  Thursday Morning, Sister Nelson and I brought all the suitcases to the Mission Office and then stayed the night and went back and picked up the Sisters for Transfer meeting!  After the Meeting, We drove the Prince George Sisters back to the airport (Nelson&Kindlespire) and then drove back to the Mission Office and picked up the Nechako Sisters (Fredrickson&Jones) who were staying the night with us!  We Also get to have Sister Li (who is Richmond Chinese) be with us until Wednesday because she is training and her Companion is still in the MTC.  Friday Morning we drove the Nechako Sisters back to the  Mission Office and then Picked them up that evening and they stayed with us a second night.  Saturday Morning We drove them to the Airport and dropped them off and then late Sunday Afternoon the Vernon Sisters(Dean&Flinders)  came and stayed with us! This Morning at five O'clock in the A.M. We drove them to the Greyhound Bus Stop in Downtown Vancouver and Now here we are!  Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh.  This whole time I have had an awful cold which hasn't been pleasant at all on top of other things! haha in spite of how crazy hectic it was, and my poor-zombie-like-health, by the grace of God we were still able to... reach and exceed our High Mission Standard of Excellence, have incredible lessons, be interviewed by our Mission President, talk to everyone, connect with our fellow missionary friends, learn more Chinese and Tagalog words,  witness miracles, get blessings,  and gain revelation!  It was a long week and I am tired! :P  I love being a missionary.  I cherish every single moment I have to be a representative of The Lord, Jesus Christ.  I love being busy and I love this Gospel.  I have seen it change lives and I know it is true.  I know I am preaching the Word of God and I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  I know that  The Priesthood is the only Authority on earth to perform sacred ordinances and I am grateful  for the blessings I receive in my life because of the Priesthood.  I am SO grateful I have a Savior and I know that he is my Redeemer and that he Lives!  I love him and I am grateful I chose to serve a mission so that I could get to know him better.  The Atonement is real and I feel it in my life every hour of everyday.  I love being in the Canada Vancouver Mission and I love my Mission President and his Wife! I hope you are all doing awesome and I hope you are reading your scriptures every day and studying from Preach My Gospel.  They were all written by Prophets and Apostles through revelation and I have a deep love for the words contained in those books!  You've got my recommendation so act on it! :)

Be Strong and of Good Courage! Remember the Small and Simple things that God does for you day in and day out, keep calm and carry on and be still.  Trust in the Lord and make 1-10-15&3-2-1 real.  LONG LIVE! five stars baby! WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Love Sister Petersen! :] 

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