Monday, November 4, 2013

Stand Ye in Holy Places

HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY OSKAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh. say what? I can't believe you are fourteen! When I was fourteen I was on top of the world with coolness! Or so I thought... haha LOVE YA BROTHA! :] 

So this past week here in Canada has been good. This letter might be a tich short.. ya see at my Zone Conference a couple weeks ago, I was telling my Mission President how I never take pictures so he told me I can go to Vancouver on P-day and Take lots of them! Um YES PLEASE! So that is what We are doing today.. it's an hour away and we have to be back by 6:00 So hopefully it'll be fun.. We are taking the SkyTrain.  Sister Gale is all nervous and crap about going and I'm just like OH MY! pull it together! I love Big Cities!:)  

Happy Halloween!!

So Last week was Halloween and it is pretty big here in Canada I guess.  Their candy is the exact same as the States, but it still tastes different.  odd.  So we were not aloud to be out Halloween Night, So we just stayed in and Planned.  I was on Exchanges with Sista Weller and these guys on the street were dressed in these costumes and they were like "Happy Halloween! What are you?" and were like, "We're Missionaries!" haha they were like "SWEET!.. pause...Wait you really are missionaries!" haha Lame story I know.  Last Sunday we carved pumpkins at Brad and Loretta's and mine said WORK iT!! :]  

Yesterday was daylight savings and how the heck was I supposed to know that?! So we really woke up at 5:30 and got all ready and everything and than the YSA sisters called us and were like um it's only 6:30.  WHAT.  The one day we as missionaries could sleep longer! It ended up being a tender Mercy from God though, because I needed time to write in my journal.  I had to get my flu shot last week.  I thought Dad would feel for me. I remember Last year, I went with Dad and Mom to get it and When it was Dad's turn, he MADE me hold his hand! haha too funny.  I love all of your emails and letters by the way.  I love all your stories and I love everything you always tell me! I relish in what ya say! Sounds like your Trip back east was really fun! We will have to go again when I get back. That Story about Dad getting his lost phone returned is wild.  I still remember that too!

Alright so one last story, I was reading in the Book of Mormon the Other day in 2 Nephi Chapter 5 verses 1-10.  So, Lehi had just passed away and Laman and Lemuel were really complaining and murmuring about anything and everything and they wanted to Kill Nephi! They sought to take away his life! So as I began reading this chapter, I was filled with so much frustration and annoyance.  I was so bugged by Laman and Lemuel.  They drive me completely insane.  I can't stand them.  In fact, I was so irritated, that I didn't even want to read it.  I usually study each verse carefully, but instead I wanted to just skim it really fast so I could get through it.  Well as I continued to read, it goes on to say the the Lord warned Nephi to take those who would go with him and depart in the Wilderness.  So Nephi being the faithful guy he was, did just that.  As Soon as he left to the Wilderness, I began to feel better and then the People all chose to call themselves the people of Nephi.  As I read this, I was filled with the Spirit of the Lord and I know that the things which I was reading were true.  I learned and was reminded that we are not able to feel the spirit when we are annoyed and frustrated or in a bad situation.  It is only until we follow the commandments and when we stand in Holy Places that we can have the Spirit with us and feel God's Love for us.  I think it is really cool that I wasn't able to feel the Spirit until after the people of Nephi left the negative situation they were in.  Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you and let you know how much I love and appreciate all that each of you do for me!

Keep up the faith! Be Strong and of Good Courage! 1-10-15 Keep Calm and Preach the Gospel! Long Live.  3-2-1.  Keep it Small and Simple.  WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I was going to tell you, each of you should read the Talk by President Monson titled, 'Finding Joy in the Journey' and apply it to your lives.

Also I hope you never forget about me. 2 Nephi 4:16-19 Describe me in case you have forgotten. Plus When you think Taylor Swift, I hope you think my favorite song.  The one we danced to all night long!

I LOVE YOU! WORK iT!!!! :)

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