Monday, May 6, 2013

VICTORY! History is being mad Ya'll !

Hi! WoW. I hope Grandpa is doing ok. That's crazy! I'm glad you are all there getting him the help that he needs! I'll be praying for him and Grandma and all of you! I think we should be considered experts by now when it comes to people and dementia.  

Alright first things first! I GET TO TALK TO YOU NEXT WEEK!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! I just can't wait.  So you are actually going to call me. The number you will call is 778-386-5549. I repeat, 778-386-5549. You will call me at 5:00 my Canada Time.  So I'm not sure when that is for you, but I'll let you figure that out.

SO our Lower Mainland Conference was incredible!!! I loved it so much! :) President Tilleman along with his Wife and eight other Mission Presidents and their wives has this special two day seminar with Elder Jeffery R. Holland. I don't know if I told you this, but Sister Tilleman's Grandpa is Ezra Taft Benson and that is who Elder Holland took place of in the quorum of the twelve I think so they know of each other well. Anywho, they were taught many wonderful things that they shared with us that I don't have time to write about.  One thing I did want to say was this.. At the start of there long meeting, Elder Holland just stood there for ten minutes and wept.  He just cried. He said that he loves the missionaries so much. HE LOVES US. he loves ME. He said that we are making history and that we are so close to it that we can't even understand the importance of it and what is happening.  He said that what is happening now is going to be great and unforgettable stories told to our posterity's. The Lord is hastening his work and it's history in the making. I just really like that. There is no way on earth that the Apostles and Prophets and President Tilleman could do what they do unless God was helping them and giving them the energy and strength.  There is just no way. 

After the Conference, I was interviewed again and it was good! I feel humbled to get interviews because there are lots of missionaries.  President gave me another blessing.  I was like what is this? ha but I've come to realize that blessings aren't just given if you are struggling. They are just to comfort and uplift so it was good.  

SOOOOOO guess what?!?! WE GOT OUR FIRST LEGIT SOLID NEW INVESTIGATOR THIS WEEK! oh happy day.  She is AMAZING! she just walked into church last week after her coworker who is twenty years younger and goes to YSA who she only knew for two weeks, told her to come.  WHAT?! miracle.  She sat in the Gospel Principle Class We teach and afterward I gave her a BOM and we met with her on Thursday. Her YSA friend and and the Bishop also came and it was at the church.  We taught her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  SHE SOAKED IT UP! words can not describe.  she is so prepared.  I love her so much. the room was filled with the spirit.  Later that evening, we were at the Bishops and he said that My Testimony of the first vision and Joseph Smith was the most spiritual and powerful testimony he has ever heard while sitting in a lesson with missionaries.  He was giddy.  I was like psh. NO BIG DEAL! haha just jokin.  No, it wasn't anything I said or did! It was all the spirit.  I give Props to Oskar though. If he wasn't 13 it might not of been as personal.  See I like to use him as an example when I talk about Joseph Smith being only 14. It really makes ya see just how incredible it all is.  We have completely gained the Bishops trust.  He and his wife are great people. So yeah. Our investigator came to church again on Sunday.  We had stake conference and President and Sister Tilleman were on the stand.  We had it broadcast to us from Abbottsford.  We are in the Abbottsford stake.  We are meeting with her two times this week and I see great things happening in her future.  Also, there is a baptism in our ward on Saturday.  It is this guy about Justin's Age.  He was taught by previous missionaries and had to wait  a while before he was baptized.  my second week here, we were at a dinner apt with him and during our spiritual thought, I just started crying and I made these three ladies at the table cry too while I spoke and so ever since then, me and him are good friends, I am SO HAPPY he is getting baptized, he told me I had to come haha

Can you believe the size of this Starfish?!!
SO I can read maps extremely well now.  It makes me want to do the Amazing Race. ha I am in charge of getting us around to places.  Not gonna lie, I AM GOOD. haha I love finding an address first try. best feeling ever. 

Dad your email last week was great. missions are definitely like marathons.  

So my inspiring hymn for the week is "Behold! A Royal Army."  Oh my gosh. sooooo good.  When they say, "their leader calls 'Be Faithful!' they pass the word along" Ahhh. I just think of Lord Of the Rings and I picture Aragon Screaming that in Elfish and I get all chilled.  haha it's so weird I know. and the chorus.. wow. Victory has been my word of the week.  I looked up lots of scriptures on it.  When we go tracting from door to door I sing the chorus and I feel like the soldiers on Mulan! haha Like when they are singing about marching on and a girl worth fighting for.. haha I don't even know.. 

Well anywho. I''m doing good! I can not wait to talk to you all! So excited! I'm so happy to be a missionary! :) it will be long, but must go on! The time is now.  History is being made. I have on the Armor of God. 
I'm so excited for Spencer.  Tell josie I love her and I've been craving a Josie hug! alright well I will talk to ya all on sunday! 5:00 my time! Work iT!!! 1-10-15! Be strong and of good courage.  By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Tara we are running a marathon when I get back just to let ya know! Write questions for me on mothers day! i'll only have less than an hour to talk! kay love ya. Long live. VICTORY! 5 stars.
LOVE SISTER JAYNANNE PETERSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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