Monday, April 22, 2013


Hi Family!

So much to say this week! alright where to begin.. Probably the Start! first off, We had transfers on Thursday and I am still in Brookswood and I'm still in a tri, but it is now with Sister Duffy who has been out 16 months, and Sister Byam who has been out 6 months and than there is me who has been out 6 weeks! so yeah! pretty crazy. So God gave me a tender mercy!!!!!!!!! Sister Willmore and her comp got to stay with us Wednesday and Thursday night!!!!!!! It was so great to see her! I missed her more than words can describe.  She is one of my bestest friends and I probably wouldn't have been able to do this if it weren't for her.  Please pray for her.  She has helped me out so much! She deserves all the blessings in the world.  So Thursday and Friday were rough.  I have been feeling very very very very homesick.  It's bad.  I thought I was all strong and whatever and then after the training/transfers, I felt shattered Seeing my MTC family at the training on Thursday really messed me up.  They all wanted to know how I was doing and what has been going on and I just felt so overwhelmed with love.  I realized that I have been so bottled up with emotions.  I have just been putting on this brave face for everyone and I just want to vent now.  I want to talk to people who understand me.  I miss just being Jaynanne.  I feel like I have been neglecting myself and my feelings because you are told as a missionary that's it's not about you, it's about others. So if I even start to think about myself, then I just feel so guilty.  I mean don't get me wrong, the Lord has been there for me 100%! I mean I vent to him all the time about everything.  But I miss my family and my Tara and my ward.  So yeah. Before Sister Willmore left, she put a note in my binder that I later found.. it was such a good note.  Everything she said in it is EXACTLY what Tara would have said if she were here.  All I wanted to do was go in the other room with her and talk it all out.  But we couldn't.  Now I am with new companions..again. Sister Willmore thinks I've lost some weight.. ha not to worry! I look the same! ha.  So every week I get a letter in the Mail from the most amazing person ever and these letters have given me so much strength.  On Friday I got a letter that should have taken five more days to get here cuz of the date on it.  Well it was a miracle.  It helped me so much.  It was all about being strong and putting on the armor of God and having faith.  How ironic I got it the day I did. Anyway, I just got to push through and try my hardest to bring others unto Christ.  Singing Hymns make me SO emotional. I pretty much cry every time we sing because something always sticks out for me! it's a joke!
Oh so did you hear that letter about kids bearing their testimonies?? interesting! is everyone doing?! good I hope! We had a Luau in Langley on Saturday! Our ward mission leader put it all together! It was based off this Luau they did on the show, The District! you should check it out! anyway, this ward is all about missionary work! it's pretty legit! It was such a good night! as missionaries, we gave a tour of the church building and it was really fun! I got to be companions with just a lady in our ward and it was like I was Jaynanne again! it was nice:) anyway the spirit was so strong! I loved it! I love feeling the spirit all the time! It's the best! You just feel exhausted though because it wears ya out! Let me tell you what! So I don't have much to report on! We are just trying to find a new investigator! We knock on doors a lot and do lots of contacting that way! I love bearing my testimony.

I have been sick.  I have a runny nose and sore throat and headache! I think it is just cuz I was so emotional this weekend so now I'm sick! dang stress! Anyway, I love being able to email and talk to you guys! I am going to print off all your emails right now so I have to go!

I love you all! thank you for the prayers and support! it really has made the biggest difference! you don't even know.  I can feel the power you are WILLING to me! Alright well I once again gotta go! Can you believe that I've been out for 2 months? What's it like not having me around? peaceful? probably.  In some ways it's crazy how it's been two months but in other ways that's nothing. haha I just gotta take it one day at a time and not overwhelm myself! kay I love you all! I love you mom! I miss you and your crazy projects. Alright the gospel is true and the book is blue! haha keep it classy folks! The Lord is proud of us all and the righteous decisions we all make everyday! by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! xoxoxoxo 1-10-15!!! five stars! WORK iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love JAYNANNE! :] :] :] :]

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