Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!! :]

So yesterday was officially the best Easter I have EVER had!  I felt the Spirit so strong throughout the entire day and I knew that God loved me. no doubt about it.  

So to start out, Church was just incredible and we had so many of our friends come and Celebrate Christ's Resurrection with us which was totally awesome.  Throughout the entire week to prepare for this blessed holiday, I studied about the Atonement and Resurrection a ton, and man did I get the full impact of the true meaning of Easter yesterday.  So many questions that I had throughout the week were answered as I listened to all the lessons and talks, and so many more questions came to my mind and my knowledge of it all was just increasing so much that I couldn't keep up! I felt like I received so much revelation. LiKE iT WAS iNSANE PEOPLE! There is this video called "Because of Him" that we watched twice and dang. it is killer.  Check it out yo. Also, there is this other video about Christ, but it is from his Apostle John's perspective and it was so so good.  Again, Check it out.

Well So anyway, a little bit after church we had the privilege of witnessing a baptism of our dear friend Anne in Vancouver.  We began teaching her just three weeks ago and because she is YSA age and willing to go to the branch, We handed her over to the Vancouver YSA Elders.  She was so prepared and I feel so humbled that I got to be a tiny part of her story.  Every time someone came up to us, she would introduce us as, "The missionaries who found her!" It was just so cute! haha She invited us several times to the service because she did not want us to miss it and then later she texted us and thanked us so much for going! Earlier in the week she just kept thanking us for helping her find her Lord, Jesus Christ.  I love Anne:) The Baptismal Service was one of the most Spiritual services I have ever been to.  I literally was just shaking when we left.  Anne's non-member Sister stayed with us through-out the entire thing and it was such a special experience for me to explain to her what was going on and have her sister be the example. It is something I will cherish for a long time and the fact that it was Easter made it so much more special and sacred.  Ahh I just can't help but smile when I think about it..  When Anne got baptized, her sister was just like, "Oh! That was so simple."  It really is so simple and yet so meaningful and beautiful and magical and wonderful!  Anne bore her testimony and she talked about what true happiness was and how she thought she had it but it it's not something you have, but instead, it's something you feel and oh my gosh I was dying.  It was so good.  In that service, I felt true happiness.  

Just when I thought the day couldn't go any better, that evening I got to go back to Brookswood and have Easter Dinner with Brad and Loretta's Family!!!!!!!!!! Awh man. I can't even find the words to describe how much I love these people... They are family for sure and I can't wait to watch them get sealed in a couple weeks! :) :) :) I also dropped by my Recent Convert Marion which was so great too! :) Yesterday was just an awesome day and one I will never forget.

Sister Tilleman, Sister Struempler, me, Sis Curd, Emily, and Sis Hogg!! :)

I want to bear my testimony.. I know that sometimes life is really hard.  I know that sometimes we endure things that are so painful and so overwhelming and so stressful that we just don't know what to do and we feel so alone and so lost and so broken.  But we are not alone.  We are not lost. we are not broken.  We have a Savior who is always with us and knows exactly who we are and how we feel and can heal us.  For the past couple months I have been dealing with a lot of health issues and it is still on-going and has been extremely challenging for me both mentally, emotionally, and physically to say the least. During this time I can honestly say that I have never felt the Power of The Atonement more strongly in my life than I have while I have been weak.  It's true you know.. that God really does give us the strength to endure our trials.  I know he is always there even if the rest of the world isn't.  I know that he has comforted me in times of distress and I know that he has visited me and wept along with me in times of sorrow.  I know I can always go to him and his arm will be stretched out to recieve me.  I know that he loves me enough to die for me.  I know that because of him I have the chance at Eternity. I believe in Christ so come what may.  He is the light. He is the Life.  He is everything. "And now, after the many testimones which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!" (D&C 76:22)  I know this is true.  I know that My Redeemer lives.  So I will be strong. I will hold on.  I will be steadfast and immovable.  I will have courage. I will have faith. I will remember the small and simple things. I will keep calm and carry on. I will choose the right. I will dare to stand alone.  I will do 1-10-15 & 3-2-1. I will get five stars. I will Work iT!! I will Preach his Gospel! WHY? Because I love him:) Long live.
-Sister Petersen.          

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