Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Excited to Go!!

About to open the Call
The time for preparing is over the mission is about to start....

This is the beginning of a wonderful journey for our beautiful daughter, Jaynanne. This post is for the few months before she left.  She has a tender heart and a strong desire to serve her Father in Heaven.  We are excited to follow her through the next 18 months....

Cheering!*** Stowers, Slacks, Carter Boys, Jose, Jonathon & Asha...

Headed to Canada, Vancouver, English Speaking :)

President Monson signs the Call
Temple Day!

Salt Lake Temple Dec 29, 2012
Jeremy & Abigail were there
Jaynanne & Trevor

Dad, Jaynie, & Mom at Salt Lake Temple Dec 29, 2012

FHE with the Johnson's - Canada night :)
Time for the FAREWELL....Spencer decorates with the Canadian Flag :)

Alison, Analise, Kylin, Hannah
Royce, Alyssa, & Brian
Whitney & Parker
Lipperts, Thomas, Alex
Jaynannes Friends

Ginny, Sharon, Tara, Mollie, Jaynanne, Brooke, Analise, Hannah, Lori, Whitney, Josie, Alicin

Josie & Jaynanne
Stower's say goodbye

Group hug with Robert and Brett
Half on one table...
February 20, 2012 - Today we took Jaynanne to the MTC.  We stopped at Zupas for lunch and then headed over to the Provo Temple, which is across the street from the MTC.  We took pictures and walked down to the MTC together for a few more pictures.  The sign in front of the MTC is no longer there :(  We all loaded into our Denali, 10 of us, so we could go thru the drive-up drop-off.  You are only allowed one car :)    

Zupas for Lunch together
Half on another table...
Dad & Jaynie

Sobbing :)

Last Family Photo until Spencer gets home in 2015
Walking towards the MTC with her brothers, Trevor and Spencer

On the corner in front of the MTC sign anymore :(

Last shot on the corner...MTC in the back

The girls say their goodbyes on the way to the car - Emma & Mollie

Mollie says goodbye...

Emma says goodbye...

Abbie says goodbye...
Oskar says goodbye...

Trevor says goodbye...
Spencer says goodbye...
Dad says goodbye...

Mom says goodbye...


Jaynanne is on her way...

One more look back....

**WE LOVE Jaynanne**

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